The Naughty, Dirty Truth About Exploited College Girls

Exploited college girls, we’ve all seen them, haven’t we? They strut into class, butt cheeks hanging out of their little daisy dukes. They don’t generally like to wear bras, especially when it rains outside. And nothing gets them off quicker than making a professor blush and uncomfortable when they arrive late for class!

It’s a clear victory for exploited college girls when a bulge begins to appear in a professor’s pants. Almost no one is spared: even the 75-year-old fossil who stubbornly refuses to retire starts to drool at the sight of these naughty college whores.

Of course, let’s not forget the female faculty as well. Their nipples get hard, poking through their blouses. They bite their lips while crossing their legs on the desk. You can almost see their panties getting wetter from the back row of the classroom.

Not all female professors are like that, of course. Some of them frown, pussies dried up and all. That’s when exploited college girls take it to the next level. Pissing off someone, especially an old shrew who hasn’t gotten laid in decades – or ever, for that matter! – is another favorite hobby.

I personally know some a lot of these slutty girls. Maybe of them, including me, have done a lot of college girl porn. After all, we have to pay our tuition somehow, right?

Sometimes it goes a little further than that. A college slut spends too much time partying it up and becoming the campus’ slut, well known for her BJ skills, not to mention that she always walks around with a yummy creampie. Did you know that we all participate in creampie eating contests, on top of playing drinking games?

So I suppose the real question is, are exploited college girls really taken advantage of? Or do they love every moment of it?

Roaming the campuses of all colleges, the girls of summer are getting ready for Sororities, but most of all, Frat Parties. How many girls will lose their virginity to a drunk fraternity guy this summer? Too many to count, right?

Hot girls gone wild are taking over the world. Sexy, slutty, and rocking the tight teen bodies, they all want to fuck. Even the dirty old men can’t keep their eyes off of those perfect bodies. Slim, tan, and ready to fuck, all of them are running wild with the first taste of freedom. Last weekend was sign-ups for all the extracurricular activities, and the campus studs readied themselves for the onslaught of tight pussy coming their way.

Or maybe some of these sluts actually belong to the category of exploited college girls.

At all of the Frat houses, there are always huge drunken parties with lots of drinking and sex. Filling these little girls up with panty loosening alcohol makes them forget who fucked them! Isn’t it the that the best way to have bareback unprotected sex with a hot girl? They love to slip in and slip the condom off without the young girl knowing. Most won’t realize the mistake until months later. There is nothing better than skin–to-skin fucking. Especially big hard dicks slamming into every open hole, right? Oral, anal, and vaginal sex all take place on a college party weekend, over and over again.

They walk onto the campus the all American apple pie girls and them leave as cum-filled whores. Most of them will have fucked at least ten different guys before the weekend is over. Mommy and Daddy will be shocked when they get home. They are no longer wholesome and untainted. Now all of them are the newest pussy on campus. Guys are keeping a little black book to see who will put out, and the Professors, they’re watching to see who will do anything for a better grade. They tend to take advantage of all the broken in pussy in the fall and spring. Girls are more desperate then. They have a grading system! A blow job gets you a C. Pussy gets you a B. Earning an A required a lot more than that – maybe even a threesome with a coupe of your GFs! You better go around the world, baby!

Lined up on cum dump row, exploited college girls get ready for their first lesson in college life. I certainly enjoyed being one!

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