Being an Exhibitionist and Teasing My Neighbor’s Son

I’m not REALLY an exhibitionist – I just play one in front of my living room window! 😉 Recently I’ve had this fascination with my neighbor’s son. He’s a young, strapping 17 year old, and I can tell by the way he looks at me with my clothes ON that he would love nothing more than to pound this hot pussy until I scream his name! (I wish I knew his name! I’d scream it when I fuck myself late at night, in hopes that he might hear me!)

This obsession with being a naughty exhibitionist and teasing this hot young guy actually started because I hate his mother. She’s a TERRIBLE neighbor. Their yard never gets mowed. The house is seriously run down, there’s always trash in their yard because of their stupid dog tears it open and she’s too lazy to clean it up, and etc.

Most of all, I hate her because she always talks shit about me while I’m within earshot, to be sure that I hear what she thinks of me. My clothes, my hair, my late night hours (if only she knew I stayed up until “all hours of the morning” because I was phone fucking YOU guys!! Her beady little eyeballs would fall right out of her head!)

So lately, when I know she’s not home, I put some EXTRA effort into walking past the huge picture window in my living room in my sexiest lingerie.

I know he’s noticed, because now sometimes when I walk by, I see him pulling the blinds apart and peeping at me out of their kitchen window, which faces the front of my house. Last night, she was out partying like the irresponsible parent she is, and he was at home, watching his brothers. I made sure that the kids were in bed. Then I went into my bedroom and put on my sexiest black panty and bra set. Very lacy, very skimpy; along with a pair of black fishnet stockings and a garter belt. I went to the window and just stood in front of it.

He peeped out as usual; but when he realized I KNEW his eyes were on me, he let the blinds snap shut. Only to pry them open a second later to see if I was still standing there. I started running my hands over my body slowly. This time, he couldn’t take his eyes away. I squeezed my big, perfect, natural tits together in my bra, making them almost spill completely out of it. Smiled playfully and reached behind me, undoing the hooks and letting it fall down my arms and into the floor. I licked my lips and cupped my tits in my hands again; then let them fall so that they bounced.

As I started to pinch and pull at my nipples, the shade came completely up and I could see him standing there. Watching me, his hand rubbing over the bulge in his jeans. I moved closer to the window and slid my hand slowly down my stomach and into the front of my lacy black panties. Playing with my pussy while he watched.

He looked disappointed when I slid my hand back out of my panties; until I popped my fingers into my warm, wet mouth and started sucking my juices off of them.

His hand went to the button on his pants and in a minute it was unbuttoned and his zipper unzipped. He pulled out his cock, wrapped his hand around it, and… it was AMAZING! Long, thick, and even from across the street I could tell he was rock hard from watching me! I wiggled my way out of my panties and spread my pussy lips open with one hand, and continued to play with the other. The harder he worked his young, hard, swollen cock, the deeper my fingers worked their way into my soaking wet cunt!

Hmmmm. Maybe I AM an exhibitionist, after all!

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