My Exhibitionist Sex Stories are always so fucking hot.  This one is no exception.  It all started when I went to a watch my little brother at his baseball game.   My mom had been spread a little too thin, with all the obligations of being a mom and working.  Being a team player was a big thing in my family. So when I was asked to help with carpool I choose my brother’s baseball practices.  Besides, the dad’s at the practices love to look at a hot young thing like me.

Exhibitionist Sex Stories were on all the dad’s minds

Friday was the practice before the big game.  It was all my little brother had been talking about on the way to practice.   I half listened to his excitement, because Exhibitionist Sex Stories filled my head.  There was this one dad who I sit next to during most of the practices.  He was so hot and it turned me on how wickedly hard I made him.  Today I was on a mission to tease him and get that cock hard and throbbing until he did not have a choice but to act on it.

My little bother exited the car and ran toward the rest of his teammates.  I took my time getting out.  I wanted to make sure that my lipgloss was perfect, my tight white t-shirt, showed my perky tits and my skirt was short enough to drive the sports dads wild.  Sliding my D&G shades on, I strolled across the field and let the sports dads drool.  I knew exactly what seat I wanted.   The one next to the dad, who’s cock had me interested.

He seemed happy to see me!

He flashed me a broad smile while looking me up and down.  I had to admit it turned me on, him looking at me as if he would eat me raw.   He removed the bag that was next to him on the bleachers,  letting me know that he had saved that seat just for me.   Taking my seat close to him I made sure that my soft thighs touched his leg.  I also made sure that when I talk to him I continued to rub his thigh or press my tit against his arm.  Knowing it excited him excited me.  So now it was time to set my plan into motion.

I asked him if he wanted to follow me to the concession stand, of course, he did.  He followed behind me like a little helpless puppy.  He was watching my ass so hard, I could almost feel the heat.  We walked past the other parents to the side of the bleachers, when he grabbed me from behind.   I was startled but I did not resist.  Hearing his zipper, before I even had a chance to react he was pushing my skirt up above my waist and stuffing my pussy with his hard cock.   He pumped my pussy giving me the hottest public sex I had ever had.

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