Exhibitionism on a bus!

Exhibitionism masturbation and voyeurism all in one what more could you ask for?! I was standing at the bus stop when I noticed a good looking older gentleman checking me out from my high heeled feet up to my legs, his eyes lingered on my ass and as he looked up he saw me catch him looking at me, his face grew red with embarrassment. I was grinning widely because I knew he was looking at my nice tight body in my nice tight dress, little did he know that I have no panties on.  The bus arrived and I got on the bus sitting in the back, the older gentleman sat in the seat directly across from me.

The bus began to move and all I could think about is how I’m into exhibitionism so I got a wicked naughty idea! I dug in my purse and found my traveling vibrator it looks like a tube of lipstick and the vibration is quiet. I turned so my back was against the window, the older man then turned and looked at me. Once I was sure I got his attention I slowly began to lift the skirt part of my dress so that he could see my bald pussy and that I am wearing no panties.

Then I started to rub my finger between my pussy lips, moving my finger in circles on my clit.

I had his full attention now! I could see his cock pressed hard against his pants. Then I opened my pussy lips nice and wide so he could see my juicy pussy hole, I slowly slide my finger inside my self closing my eyes so he knew it felt good. I turned on the vibrating lipstick and pressed it to my clit as I fingered myself for him. I was so turned on that I came squirting all over the bus seat. He came in his pants just watching me.

If you’re into exhibitionism or voyeurism I would love to roleplay with you!!

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