My Impregnation Fantasy (Not Exactly)

Today I found out some information that did NOT make me happy!
I have had an impregnation fantasy about my best friend’s husband for SO long now! We fuck ALL the time, and every time we’re together, just before he cums; he screams out how he is going to fill my fertile little womb up with his hot married seed and breed me and make me belong to him! That always makes me cum SO hard!

Today when he came over, he didn’t drop his pants immediately after the door shut behind him, so I wondered what was wrong! He led me to the couch, sat me down, looked me in the eye, and just blurted it out: Heather (my bestie, his wife) is PREGNANT! I found this to be EXTREMELY interesting since he whines to me constantly about how she never gives him any pussy! (Of course I know that’s because she’s too busy giving it to her secret boyfriend! Lol. Who knows if it’s even her husband’s baby!)

He asked me if I was mad that he fucked a baby into his wife before he gave ME a sweet little baby bump to rub. Hmmm. I told him no, and he took my hand, which he had been holding, and put it on his cock and asked me to grab it through his pants. I laughed, but obligingly grabbed his cock – a bit roughly, I might add, and felt him get hard instantly. Then I popped the button on his jeans and peeled down the zipper, laying them back so I could get to that cock more easily. Finally I had my hands on the dirty baby-making culprit! I stroked. I teased. Then I whispered to him that no matter WHO he got knocked up?

Still own his COCK.

With that, I tucked it neatly back into his jeans and zipped them up, re-buttoning the button. He looked at me with such shock that I had to laugh right in his face! “Poor confused little fuck toy” I crooned to him while I stroked his cheek. You don’t get it yet, do you? That cock is not cumming because of anything I do to it for the next NINE MONTHS. I will tease you. I will edge you. And then I will deny your orgasm, just like you denied me your first baby, even though you PROMISED it would be with me!

If you’re lucky though, I might put on my strap on again – give you a little ass fucking minus lube, and then send you home to your pregnant wife, who more than likely will have no desire to fuck you either! YOU will service MY needs however, anytime I call or text you. You’re going to force orgasm after orgasm out of me over the next nine months. Watching me cum over and over again while all you can do is squirm around uncomfortably – with your cock where it belongs – in your pants! 

I know – I’m MEAN! 🙂
That’s what he gets for ruining my ultimate impregnation fantasy!

Call your dirty little impregnation whore right now! 

MILF Phone Sex!