My EX boyfriend’s Wedding Day

I kept in contact with my EX. There  was one who was one of my first really good fucks. Him and I stayed friends over the years. Occasionally exchanging flirty texts or naughty photo’s. But then he found this new girl. My EX boyfriend’s girl was beautiful, but she was a fucking bitch. I hated her. After they started getting deeper into their relationship he stopped talking to me more and more.

A year or so went by with little to no conversation from him. Then I got a letter in the mail. They were getting married. I knew it was my last chance to get one last dirty fuck out of him. So of course I had to go shopping and buy the most sexy dress I could find. As I walked into the Church I was turning heads. Men almost fell out of their chair when I leaned over to take my seat. My tits were just pouring out of my dress. My long hair was wavy and framed my tits, drawing even more attention to them. I saw my EX standing at the front of the church and even he could not take his eyes off of me. The ceremony was fine, just like any other normal wedding ceremony. “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded blah blah blah, through sickness and health blah blah.” 

Now it was time for the reception, that was when my plan was really going to take effect. They did the whole first dance, cut the cake, all that shit. Then I went up to the bride and groom, I grabbed my EX and gave him a very tight hug making sure to press my body up against him. He smiled, brushed the hair out of my face a little, and asked me how I have been. His new wife, well, I just shook that bitches hand. She gave me the most bitchy look and girl could give. I did my best sexy strut over to the bar to get myself a drink. I sat at the bar for a while. Flirting it up with all the guys there. Then my EX comes over to the bar and orders some drinks for my EX’s wife and him. He stood as close as he could to me without looking suspicious. He told me how hot I looked and started to talk about his memory of me and how good my pussy was.

I leaned over a little and whispered in his ear.  “You know, you could still get one last taste of this sweet pussy, even if it is your wedding day.”

He smiles and started in with the ‘I’m a married man now speech.” I smiled and told him that I could an open closet, I will be in that closet in about ten minutes. I have him a wink and made my way to the closet. I primped my self a little, then the door opened. I knew he could not resist my pussy. He shut the door quickly, rushed over to me and started kissing me aggressively. He pulled my dress down and started to suck on my nipples like a hungry little baby. I reached my hand down and started to stroke his dick. It was already very hard. He moved my panties to the side and I guided his dick into my pussy. He started to pound me, and move me around the corset. Fucking me on anything and everything in that room. We knocked so many things over, but we did not stop. Well that was until we herd the door start to open.

I whispered, “Did you forget to lock the door?”

His face was in shock and his dick was still deep inside of me. The person opened the door and we froze, not knowing what to do. We were caught, but I was more turned on than anything.

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