I have an ex boyfriend who is still head over heels in love with me. We live apart and lead separate lives, but when the opportunity presents itself, we slam together like powerful magnets.

He wanted to marry me, but I’m not the marrying kind. The problem (for him) is that he can’t give me up. The sex is too good. I’m simply too tempting. Honestly, I’m not complaining. He is hilarious and his cock is truly perfection.

He got married this past weekend. It was a huge event. His new wife is an attorney, several years older than him and is very into keeping up appearances.

All of our mutual friends were there, and with every picture that flashed across facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I noticed something in his eyes. The look was unmistakable. He was thinking of me.

We had been together the night before, after his rehearsal dinner. I was not invited to the wedding, but I was very much in town.

His wife can’t even stand hearing my name. She’s obviously threatened, and really…who wouldn’t be? I was with her husband mere hours before she walked down the aisle, in front of all her friends, family and colleagues. She’s beaming – dreaming of their future lives together, and his mind is clouded with thoughts of me draining his balls and ordering room service.

He arrived at my hotel door radiating sexual energy. As soon as I turned the lock, he swung open the door and grabbed my face with his hands. He kissed me passionately, his tongue dancing in my mouth, and me biting his lips. He backed me up and slammed me against the wall, groping my breasts through my silk dress then sliding his hands down my body to my full ass. I pressed my hips against his and threw my hands around his neck as he pulled my lace panties down my thighs. He kissed down my neck and pulled the top of my strapless dress down slowly, allowing my firm tits to spill out and bounce against my chest.

He looked up at me, hungrily and licked around each nipple, sucking and biting. I could barely breathe. I could feel my pussy tighten with each tongue stoke. I laid my head back against the wall and ran my hands through his hair. Before I knew it, his fingers were parting my pussy lips. I felt his fingers dance around my clit, stroking it carefully and dipping them into the pool of juice spilling out from my tight pussy. I was barely standing, my knees weakening from the pleasure he was giving me.

I grabbed his face and told him to stand up. I led him to the bed and tore off his suit like a child opening a gift on Christmas morning. I pushed him back on the bed and crawled between his legs, gazing up at his thick, stiff cock standing at attention like the Eiffel Tower. I licked the underside of his shaft up and down and sucked his puffy head deep into my velvet mouth. He moaned and stroked my hair as I pushed his entire cock into my mouth and throat. I dragged my tits up and down his thighs as I fucked his cock with my face.

I looked up at him, licked his cock one more time and crawled up his body until my pussy was right above his mouth. He grabbed my ass in his hands and plunged his tongue into my pussy, like he hadn’t eaten in days. He licked and sucked my clit as I worked my nipples and rode his face. He transitioned between tongue fucking my pussy and licking my clit – over and over until I came long and hard on his face.

He reached up and brought my head to his and kissed me, smearing my sweet pussy juice on my lips and chin. I slid my dripping wet pussy down his chest and backed up onto his throbbing cock. I jerked my hips forward and his cock slipped inside of me, stretching me out and filling me up.


I screamed with pleasure as he slowly started to fuck me hard. He pressed his entire girth deep inside me and then made me hold still, soaking his huge cock deep in my pussy. He looked into my eyes and told me not to cum as my pussy quivered around him. I obeyed, teetering on the verge of an explosive orgasm as he pressed his cock deeper into me. He kissed me hard and pushed his pelvis up into mine. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I climaxed intensely, squirting pussy juice all over his cock. I came again and again as he continued to manhandle me. As I was about to cum for a fourth time, I felt his cock swell inside me. He grabbed my face, looked into my eyes and told me to cum. I did, hard. I felt my pussy spasm around his swollen, throbbing cock as he shot his cum deep inside me.

We fucked four more times before he left the next morning.

Three hours later, he said his vows, still thinking of me.



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