Hungry for an ex-girlfriend pity fuck? How pathetic!

You’re starved for an ex-girlfriend pity fuck. Wow, that’s pretty sad. A pity fuck is the best a worthless, dickless limp like you could hope for, anyway. Or being cuckolded, I guess! Did you stay up all night watching cuckold porn again?? Tsk fucking TSK!

Cuckold phone sex is one of life’s few pleasures. Especially for a brutal humiliatrix like me. I’m happy, delighted even, to tell you what a worthless cuck crybaby piece of shit you are. However, you want “one more” pity fuck? Guess what, idiot? Every time I “had sex” with you was out of pity!

Cuckolds like you are fucking everywhere. And more or less cumming out of the woodwork. But you don’t have to be a cuckold to crave pity sex. I mean hey, I’m having “sex” with you, after all! But don’t forget: it’s only because I feel SORRY for you. Does that make your cock hard? Ew, how sad. But go ahead, take your pants off. I’ll close my eyes and think of England? Or basically anything else, really.

Humiliation phone sex is the name of my game and you are the most un-eligible bachelor. Do you have a real life ex-girlfriend pity fuck confession to tell me? That’s even better, I could use a good laugh. Especially at your expense.

Was there just one pity fuck with her? Did you just wish there was at least one? Ha.

I’ve even met babies conceived out of pity sex. Guess which baby daddies aren’t good for child support? Worms like you. Whatever. We’ll be using protection. I’m SO glad phone sex is the only 100% safe sex. At least I won’t have to physically touch your “cock.” But hey, we can talk about it. Just one last time. Why not?

I’m right here, waiting to (GENEROUSLY) give you the pity sex you crave. Chop chop, idiot, before I change my mind!

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