Believe it or not, cuckolds like YOU are EVERYWHERE.

Cuckolds love to talk about the “embarrassing” experience they are “going through.” They love to have every humiliating detail scrutinized, analyzed. And, most of all, they LOVE to revel in what pathetic, perverted little shits they are!

Humiliation phone sex is my Number one passion in life, so naturally, nothing brings me joy quite like verbally abusing a miserable cuck like you. How did it start? Was it innocuous enough at first, but basically all downhill after she started bringing guys home? And most importantly: how BAD is it NOW?

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, another wimpy husband or gaslighted boyfriend loser calls me. One of my pet cucks told me that he’d been “forced” to take his wife’s new (black) boyfriend to get HIS wedding ring refitted for his (superior) replacement. I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Can you imagine the shame?

Gaslighting adds an extra layer of cruelty to cuckolding “arrangements.” What could be more humiliating than being forced to choke down your wife’s lover’s cock while drowning in his cum AND your own tears? Having your utter, all-consuming debasement turned into a spectator sport and is expected to splurt out “Thank you, sir” in-between gags, maybe. If there’s a way of sexually dehumanizing someone, cucks (like YOU) have thought about it . . . and jerked off thinking about it.

Need me to play your mean girlfriend or newly “distant” wife? I would be THRILLED to reveal the (sad, brutal) truth to you, bitch. And yes, it is going to HURT.

Have you gone cuckoo for cuckold phone sex like so many other limp-dicked cucks out there? You know what to do. Give me a call . . . I am right here, waiting to laugh at your sob story!



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke