Our Pretty, But Evil Sitter Punished Us When We Wouldn’t Play Her Games!

I’m hiding under the covers as I tell you this story of how our evil sitter punished us when we were hot teens. Yes, you heard me right, we had a sitter come over to our house on a regular basis.

Most sitters, as a rule, are kind, pretty, and ready to play games with us. Well, we never suspected this pretty sitter would be so evil and cunning. I still many years later, have nightmares, and am finally telling this story to you.

I’ll never forget the day the evil sitter punished us the first day.

Okay, so I’m getting a little ahead of myself. As scary as she was, she was also so weird. We had such a hot sitter named Melissa who ended up moving too far away to come over and sit for us. That was a sad day indeed and I wept so hard knowing we wouldn’t see her anymore. I’ll tell you more about Melissa at another time.

So, when you think of hot babysitter sex stories, you don’t think of an evil woman who would do anything to see you squirm. I’ve heard horror stories touted by grown-ups under their breath so the kids won’t hear about their experiences with their sitters.

My parents took a long-needed vacation away from work and us.

I’m not blaming my parents for wanting a vacation away from it all, but I’m blaming them for not screening the sitter. The sitter’s name was Mary. She was a matronly-looking older lady and nothing like the nice sitter you may have heard about who plays games with you and feeds you treats you actually want.

There are many things I’d love to tell you. For example, when my parents left and that door closed, all the nice plans and her expression changed.

This evil sitter punished us right away and did not wait.

This evil sitter punished us so hard we felt all the results of her lash across our back. The minute our parents were gone, she ordered us to strip down to our panties and underwear. We were so past the point of needing a sitter. However, when one of my brothers acted out, all of us got punished.

Feeling a bit afraid of her wrath, we did as we were ordered and stripped down to our undies. Mary came over and ordered each of us to spread our legs. She took her fingers and rubbed us on the outside of our panties and undies. I felt so ashamed that I was tingling inside.

I think Mary knew this and suddenly I felt her finger flick my pussy through my soft panties. Despite my best efforts, a pained whimper escaped my lips. Mary said she wanted to see us have some fun.

What kind of fun did this sitter want?

This evil sitter punished us still further by ordering me to undress all of my other siblings.  Feeling so ashamed and red, I hastily removed what they still had left. She ordered me to give all of my siblings a bath, but a tongue bath.

At first, I refused, but she ordered me to my knees and spanked me with her belt on my ass. I felt the lash across my pussy and ass. Crawling over to each sibling, I licked their wet holes or took their rods into my mouth till they all whimpered.

I saw the sitter disappear into the kitchen. She brought out several glasses of lemonade.  She told us she was trying to be thoughtful and make us all some lemonade. My brother Trevor took a sip and nearly gagged. I knew something was up. When I took a sip, it was mostly lemonade with something else in it.

This evil sitter punished us all night long.

We still had so much time before our parents would come home. This evil sitter kept us up all night. When we were just falling asleep, she would come in and rub our holes and asses. I’ll never forget looking over and seeing Mary drive her strap-on into my brother’s butt hole. What made this so humiliating is that I had to clean her toys before and after each use. You can probably use your imagination on the situation.


Now that you know this evil sitter punished us, do you think you would like a sitter to come over to watch you?  Let’s fantasize about some naughty teen phone sex instead.

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