I Found My Evil Doppelgänger Imposter! 

They say everyone has a doppelgänger, a person who looks completely identical to you, somewhere in the world. Well, I found mine and she was trying to take over my life! It turns out my double is actually an evil doppelgänger imposter. I hope yours turn out to be more friendly than mine! This is a complicated story, so it needs to be told through three perspectives. Starting with mine:


I was walking to my favorite coffee shop when I saw someone that looked exactly like me. And I mean exactly! Of course, I had to follow her.  

To my surprise, she headed right to, Michael, my ex’s house! He greeted her at the door with a deep kiss and they went inside. I went around the house and peeked in his bedroom window, I just had a hunch. Sure enough, they went right into wild sex, just like we used to. I was a little envious I have to admit. I watched their entire fuck session like the sinful naughty slut I am. 

Michael called out, “Carmen”, as he came. That’s when I knew for sure that she was an evil doppelgänger imposter. It wasn’t just a random coincidence that my double was seeing my ex, she was pretending to be me, and trying to take over my life! But, I bet she doesn’t know how to have phone sex like me. 

As she left I heard her say, “I’ll be here at 6 tomorrow.” That gave me an idea. I was going to intercept this date. I’m going to get here early, have wild sex with Michael just because I wanted to and show him he was being tricked. 

The Doppelgänger 

I’m so horny for Michael’s huge cock! Instead of knocking, I’m just going to sneak in, get naked, and pounce on him. 

I quietly enter the house, strip naked, tiptoe to his bedroom door and barge in ready to fuck. But, what the hell! She is here and they’re naked. They obviously just fucked. Michael looks absolutely shell-shocked but Carmen is looking at me like she wants to kill me. All I know is that I need to convince Michael that I am the real Carmen and she’s an imposter. 

“I’m so confused right now,” Michael says looking back and forth between the two of us. “You’re a twin!?”

“She’s an imposter! She’s been tricking you. I’m the real Carmen,” Carmen says. 

“No, Michael, I’m the real Carmen!” I try, but he just seems amused at the whole thing. 

I need to finally get rid of Carmen. I’ve been biding my time with this takeover but it’s time to finally exterminate her. 


I can’t believe how wild this is. One of the Carmens said something about an evil doppelgänger imposter but I really don’t give a shit. Two smoking hot identical twins are naked and in my bedroom, c’mon what would you be thinking?

“Let’s just have a three-some,” I offer, “we’re already naked.” But, they’re both staring daggers at each other. 

Suddenly, the Carmen that I hadn’t had sex with yet today, jumped on the other, straddling her. They’re rolling around on the bed trying to gain power over the other. I quickly lose track of who is who. I stand to watch the show and stroke my cock. There’s hair-pulling and name-calling and man, it’s making me hard!

One of the Carmens pinned the other down and is choking her. All I can do is stare as their identical tits press against each other, their twats almost touching. I’m just willing them to touch as I stroke my cock. Then, the room goes deathly silent. 

One of the Carmens is life-less on the bed, definitely dead. Woah, what a mind-fuck! The other Carmen comes over and kisses me, “She’ll never come between us again,” she says. And I realize that I have no idea which Carmen this is. What if all that evil doppelgänger imposter talk was true? Do you know which is still alive?


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