I’m a dirty little slut.

I’ll never deny that. Sometimes if I was having some issues or feeling down about myself, I’d find a fuck buddy, or a guy that’d been dying to fuck me.. and let him have at it. I overthink a lot. So having someone put me in my place, push me down, and fuck me like crazy? Oh, that feels so fucking good. I play games with people. I use them to get what I want. I guess I’ve always been the kind of bad girl that drifts around.. If my boyfriend pissed me off, you’d be safe to bet that I was flirting up a storm with someone else. Maybe sending a naughty picture or two.. maybe going to their house, or maybe just phone-fucking the hell out of them, just to feel good. I loved being used like a sex toy..

It’s no surprise, that habit continues today. I still do it like crazy. I’m no longer with that boyfriend, but you can bet I cheated on him more times than I can count. If he made me mad, or we fought, I sought affection elsewhere. He was a fool for letting me walk! Silly boy, he couldn’t have a naughty girl like me and sleep easy. Did he think I was going to go to bed sad, curled up, thinking of how to fix it, or thinking about what I did wrong? Haha, no. When I got put in time-out as a kid, all I ever thought about was how I would do it and not get caught. So when he was mad at me over something, I’d go find myself in someone else’s bed, letting them fuck me HARD and FAST into next week. 😉
As I said, I still do it now. Just the other day, I was starting to question and overthink a lot of things.. So you know what I did?
I curled my hair, put on my makeup, put on those sexy black pumps, a little black dress, and made my way downtown to a club. Flirting up a storm with the bartender..and then a guy by the dance floor..and then a guy I met that was hanging around a friend’s table. Teasing everyone else standing in my way, and going home for the night with a cute guy with longer hair, who was leaving just as late as I was. He was irresistible, tall, carrying that ‘bad boy’ vibe that brings a bad girl to her knees…literally.
Let’s just say..I didn’t have a second to think straight that night. I was his little sex toy and he made sure to tease and abuse every inch of me 😉

Bad girls need to be punished..specially the slutty ones!

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