Bitch Boy

 strongly believe every girl needs to have her very own bitch boy.   I mean, come on.  We don’t post half naked. Or in my case, naked. Pictures online all day just for losers to jerk off without anything in return.  If you are a sexy, powerful, take charge kind of girl, like myself, you need a man or two to be at your feet.  A man that knows his place and is more than willing to assume the position is a match made in heaven.  I, of course, have a few bitch boys of my very own.  One I have known since high school, and the other is relatively new.   Both are great for their own reasons.

Bitch Boy #1:  The friend zoned.  The guy who could only be more perfect if he was gay.  He is willing to do anything and everything I ask at the drop of a hat and never asks questions.  He also have the financial stability to back up any crazy demands I may send his way.  Sure he has professed his undying love for me in more than one drunken confession, but we both know that is just never going to happen.  I see him as a brother, right??? A brother who does whatever I say. HAHA!

Bitch Boy #2:  He’s easy on the eyes, but just not man enough to satisfy me.  He is good for foot massages, back rubs, and tease the fuck out of.  He is the one who is still knew to my game and still thinks if he tries hard enough to win me over,we could end up together one day.  Poor thing even helps me pick out the perfect outfits for dates with other men.  Yes, I can see the pain in his eyes as I go out, but I know he’s jerking off dreaming of it being him one day.

See girls, bitch boys are fun, they are useful, and they stroke your ego.  Every girl should have at least one!

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