Escort Trilogy PT 2

I am his Escort but he treats me with respect, This is the continued story of the lady of the night. His Kiss was deep and passionate, Possessive. He sat across from me grabbing his glass of wine. Took a sip and just looked at me eyeing me up and down. I drank my wine fast hoping it would loosen me up, When a guy just wants sex I have got that all day but something tells me that he wants something more. We finish our drinks and he takes my hand leading me to his living room.

He dimmed the lights and played some slow music. “Dance with me,” He said holding out his hand with a slight bow to his back. I take his hand a smile creeping up my face he was just too cute with the sweet gesture. He pulled me in close putting one hand on the small of my back almost touching my ass, and his other hand held mine at a bent angle our hands tangled together as our feet swept across the floor.

He kissed me again as we danced to the music, His tongue exploring mine.

His hands went to my top unlacing the long sleeved corset, still dancing me around the room with romantic ease. My top falls to the floor leaving me topless, That’s when we stopped dancing, He stepped back as if to admire my body and succulent tits. His hands going to my waist, His fingers sliding down the zipper to my skirt and there I stood naked in fishnet stockings and high heels. “You’re beautiful!” he said his eyes filling with lust for my nice young body.

He took my hand leading me up to the stairs to his bedroom, where on the bed was rose petals all over the bed a mix of red and white There were candles lighting the room on every wall. “Be mine” He whispered in my ear from inches away. There was just something about the whole scene made my pussy dripping wet with desire for this man. Maybe tonight I can pretend I’m not an escort.

He stood behind me his hands on my shoulders slowly sliding down to my tender breasts. My nipples hard and my breath begins to quicken. Escort or not this is HOT!

Stay tuned for part 3 to see how the story ends.