Eroticism!  It’s what drove me.  Watching her bite her lips and pluck on her own nipples just made me crazier. I don’t believe I had ever fucked her for as long or as hard as this session with my lovely Josette.  I suppose my erotic longing was overdue!

Her first orgasm rolled over her with the ferocity of a volcano; erupting from the center of her then,  covering both of our centers in a sweet, gooey, pineappley resin that locked our hips closer together.  Leaning down, I kissed her mouth, hard and deep.  But, before pulling my cock out of her cunt, I slid it up her torso until I was straddling her shoulders with my cock right in front of her mouth.  Putting my hand behind her head, I slowly slid my cock down her throat.   All the way, until my balls nestled against her chin.  Finally, my desire sated, I moved in and out of her mouth at a slower pace than I had assaulted her cunt with.

Still, it was a steady in & out, never stopping my assault on her mouth. Then, I stopped moving my hips and concentrated sliding her head up and down on my cock. Additionally, looking down into her beautiful eyes, I finally matched her orgasm with one of my own; covering her face, breasts and stomach with a hot, gooey…mess.

Nonetheless, collapsing onto her in a heap, I pulled her close and said “Never go away for that long again, my Josette. The eroticism!  It damn near killed me!”

This is a man angling for my heart.  Wonder if I should tell him I do PHONE SEX for a living and I can’t give it up just yet!



What Woman Can Resist Being CUMpletely Loved?