This is how I dominated my boyfriend with erotic wrestling

It has been a shitty day.  I’m a bundle of nerves, confusion, and sexual frustration. I’m in the mood for some erotic wrestling.  Images of seeing Bruce last week keep running through my head. I know I said that I was over him, that I was happy with how it ended between us, but I’m not. There is a part of me that still has feelings for Bruce. A secret part of me that would love for us to start again, as equals, and see where it goes. Part of it is all ego. I’m pissed at myself for sliding back into sub mode so easily. Sure it was a lot of fun, but I’ve evolved beyond that and I need him to know it.Tonight I’m not giving Bruce the girlfriend experience he craves. Tonight it’s about taking my power and getting fucked. I pick up my phone and give Bruce a call.

“Hello,” he says. Just hearing his deep sexy voice on the other end of the phone is enough to bring me to my knees.

“Hey, doll” I’m doing my best to sound calm, but I don’t think it’s working. “Are you still up for another play session?”

“Sure, Katrina. What did you have in mind?”

“I’m having a rough day and wanted to do some erotic wrestling. Can you handle it?

“I can if you can.”He chuckles.

“Great, see you at four,” I said, hanging up the phone.

It’s been ages since Bruce and I have gotten into erotic wrestling, and I think it’s high time we had a rematch. The first few times we tried erotic wrestling, I couldn’t stand it. Mostly because my ego couldn’t stand the ass whooping Bruce dealt out. But now things are different. I’ve matured and picked up some moves of my own. This is about more than a little slap and tickle. It’s about showing Bruce that I am now a force to be reckoned with and to be seen as more than just a submissive little whore. I am the dominant mistress that has come to crush him.

I move a bunch of furniture out of the playroom and roll out the wrestling mat and a large tarp slathered in baby oil. I hit the shower, pull my hair into a ponytail, and oil myself up. I love the way the baby oil accentuates the long lines of my body. My thighs look more defined. My arms appear stronger and my abs tighter. I’m getting a little turned on just looking at myself. I wiggle into a pair of boy shorts and a bikini top just as the doorbell rings. Let the erotic wrestling games begin.

“Looks like someone is ready to play,” Bruce says as I open the door.

“I was born ready.” I stand on my tiptoes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

We head into the playroom where I let Bruce use my spare shower and dressing room to get ready. He comes out of the shower oil, wearing a tiny speedo. He is definitely ready for a few rounds of erotic wrestling. His body is amazing as always. He flexes the muscles in his chest and shoulders in an attempt to intimidate me. But I will not be frightened on this day.

“So let me see some of those new moves,” he says, lunging toward me.

I reply by pushing back his hand. He smiles, knowing that he is going to be in for a fight today. He lunges again and grabs me around the waist as he pulls me into a bear hug. I let him squeeze me. I want him to think this is going to be easy. I press my hands against his shoulders to struggle. As much as I am enjoying being wrapped up in Bruce’s arms, it’s time for me to break this hold.  I let my body go limp and slide out of his oiled arms. He’s shocked that I was able to get loose and doesn’t know what to do next. That’s when I pull his legs out from under him. Bruce falls flat on his back, stunned.

I climb on top of him and force his shoulders to the mat, pressing my tits in to his face. I have him down, but he is far from out. He pushes up against me, the baby oil makes it harder for me to keep him pinned and the next thing I know I’m the one on my back. Bruce slips and slides across the mat, trying to get into position to pin me down. But I am much faster than he is. I slide out of his way and turn around to wrap my thighs around his face and neck. I squeeze just hard enough to keep him where I want him. I listen to his breathing while I’m holding him down. At first, it is the harsh, ragged breathing of trying to come up for air. But as he realizes that I’m not going to really hurt him, his breathing slows and I can tell that he is enjoying being between my thighs. I begin to tease him a bit, running my fingers along his powerful thighs and giving his but a smack. It’s the spanking that breaks the spell and Bruce manages to throw my legs off of him. I just barely slide out of the way as Bruce moves toward me. I’m still in the action, when he grabs the back of my bikini top and pulls it off my tits. Before I have time to react, Bruce is on top of me. He pulls my arm behind my back.

“Do you think that’s funny, missy?” he asks, still panting from the chase.

“Yes. Yes, I do. And what are you going to do about it?” I ask, giggling.

He grunts and tries to grab my free arm. I’m able to keep my arm out of his way long enough to push up and throw him off of my back. I’m trying to concentrate, to focus on my next move, but feeling his body on me, rolling around and touching him is becoming a bit too intense. In erotic wrestling, it gets hard to think of your next move when your opponent turns you on.  I pull his legs out from under him again and straddle his face before he has a chance to get his bearings. He struggles as I  pull my shorts to the side and demand he eats my pussy. He does as he’s told and gently tongues my pussy. I lift off of him a bit and he slides my shorts off, rolling me onto my back. I slide my hands down to my tits and squeeze my nipples as he slides a finger into my pussy and nibbles on my clit.

I slide back and force his fingers out of me. Bruce looks up, confused, as I climb on top of him. I pull his cock out and lower myself onto him. He reaches up to grab my tits but I pin his hands to the ground, pressing my tits into his face. Today he is my toy to be used as I see fit. He thrashes around under me. He isn’t used to being held down like this, but he likes it. He stops moving and gives into to my wetness wrapped around him. 

Bruce thrashes around under me. I take him deeper, burying his cock to the hilt. Keeping him deep inside of me, I grind the head of his cock against my g-spot. Slowly I lift myself off of him. Teasing both of us, I bounce on the head of his cock before slamming him back into me.  I ride him hard and wet until my pussy explodes all over him. Without prompting, he pulls out and lies on his tummy to lick my pussy clean. He doesn’t ask to jerk off, he doesn’t ask to cum. He knows he’s lost this round and this is his tribute to the winner.

When I’m satisfied, I dismiss Bruce back to the shower. He comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist. As he gets dressed he looks up. “ You’ve definitely picked up some moves, little one, but winning won’t be so easy next time”. He kisses me on the forehead and walks out the door. Sitting in the middle of an oiled-up wrestling mat, I am happy that I am once again in control.

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