Erotic verbal humiliation = the name of my brutal phonesex Mistress game.

You’ve been keeping your erotic verbal humiliation fetish secret for years. Maybe you haven’t even said it out loud yet. Maybe you just surf the internet for the meanest Mistress with the cruelest tongue every night. I’m ready to lash out at you. I’ve been ready. And you are overdue, bitch.

There’s nothing strange about your dick twitching when I start to take out my “aggression” on you. Hot bitchy girls turn lots of people on. Whether you’re “normal” looking big-wig executive who’s just tired of being in charge all the time or actually a cocksucking sissy IRL (or both), your fetish appeals to me. Erotic verbal humiliation appeals to me very, very much.

Oh, and what’s your humiliation phone sex “niche interest”/need, anyway? Is it your tiny dick that needs to be the butt of my jokes? Is your wife cuckolding you silly? Are you just a weasel-dicked, limp piece of a shit loser who calls phone sex lines because he’s too afraid to talk to women in real life? Or, better yet, do you have a more fringe trauma/backstory you’d like to reveal? Thanks to assholes like you, it’s pretty hard to shock me. But I can guarantee my vicious cackles will be VERY real when you finally cum crawling to your end of the phone line.

How will you give me a good laugh tonight? I could use one. And I will use you.

Besides berating you, i.e. giving you the “feedback” you desperately need, one of my favorite ways to humiliate peckerwood fuckers like you good old-fashioned CBT. New to cock and ball torture? No problem. I can’t wait to inculcate you. Some of my favorite CBT materials to abuse your cock with are just everyday household items. Have any Bengay or Icy Hot lying around? How about some hot sauce in your fridge? You and I both know a tragic, perpetual bachelor schmuck like you only has condiments and a takeout box or two in there, anyway. Am I right? Or . . . am I right?? Haha.

I remember the first night of doing phone sex and realizing that being a humiliatrix turned me on more than anything. When I first started, I didn’t have a “specialty.” But after my first humiliation role play (with an eager sub who had a plotline and everything, not to mention the PERFECT utterly pitiful cadence/attitude), I felt high, almost. I call this feeling I get after a good, satisfying erotic verbal humiliation call a “humiliation high.” And I fucking love it.

A “humiliation high” is what I get as you get deeper and deeper into “subspace.”

Something that really annoys me is when people want to hear my femdom humiliation stories, then say as an (unthoughtful) afterthought: “Wow, why would getting humiliated turn anyone on?” Fuck those idiots. Maybe they’re even more STUPID than YOU! Only you and I know what I mean during the ecstatic, taboo bliss of our erotic verbal humiliation call. Good thing I don’t give a fuck what they think. And good thing there are men like you who want to hear about what pathetic, limp-dick lemming on the subway weasel BITCHES they are. So basically men like you.

So are you getting a taste of how mean I am yet? I certainly hope so. Nothing pleases me more than hearing a quivering voice on the other end of the phone pleading for me to get meaner. Nothing excites me more than to ACTUALLY yell and scream at you, although (unlike you) my inflection range(s) knows no bounds. Perhaps we’ll practice your girl voice and I’ll show you how monotone, ugly and male your voice really is?

Behind every worthless man is a strong, unapologetic cunt phone sex Mistress.

Seems like erotic verbal humiliation is a sophisticated taste only palettes like ours can appreciate. Honestly, I can’t wait to make you cry and jerk off with your own tears. How brutal do you like it? Past “10”? Fucking PERFECT. I haven’t gotten to indulge in my secret evil cunt ways yet today. So maybe you think you can leave an un-impressive impression on me. Go ahead and try, worm.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, IDIOT!