Have you ever explored Erotic Tease and Denial?  Imagine the feel of a sexy woman.  Imagine being so obsessed with a woman? Erotic Tease and Denial will heighten your endurance during orgasm.

Have you ever been totally mesmerized by the beauty of a woman?  Long sexy legs, beautiful sweetheart ass, firm luscious tits, big brown eyes, and silky long brown hair?  One hell of a sexy beauty – the one that gets under your skin.  You know you want her so bad and she has a spell on you.  Furthermore, always remember her needs come first.  I love putting men under my spell.  My sexy pictures draw you in and the sensuous whispers keep you coming back for more Erotic Tease and Denial.  Consequently to the point where you are hooked – hooked on every word, as my voice lingers on and on.

The other day, one of my callers needed that extra “cum-thing” to get him over the edge and holding on for more. (Wicked LiL Laugh) “You’ve cum to the right place,” I whispered in his ear.  Let’s say my caller’s name is Stewart.  He is “The Complete Ladies Man.” Sexy, rich, educated, successful, and most of all well endowed. The way he describes himself, I don’t think I would throw him out of my bed for eating cookies.  (Wicked LiL Grin)

Let the fun begin with EROTIC TEASE AND DENIAL

When Stewart and I talked the other night, there was a girl who actually rejected him down. At first, I couldn’t believe what he was saying.   He had always been so successful at getting the girl. This time he couldn’t seal the deal. Her name was Ashley, she was beyond hot.  That made the challenge even more enticing and the rejection even more unbearable.  Who wouldn’t want to take the hot girl home and fuck the whole night?  Stewart described the sensual feel of her touch of her Erotic Tease and Denial as she let out a little laugh, smiling and then pulling away.

As I would describe it – She was a total dick tease.  Maybe she was as good as me with tease and denial.   Could that be possible she was just baiting him and reeling him in for the kill?  I’ve done this a number of times. No big surprise there. Stewart’s details were rather amusing.   Just like so many other guys – Before they even realize it – he is hooked. The soft sensuous giggles and touching of the leg. Smirking little grins and whipping around of the long beautiful hair.   He wouldn’t even be able to help himself or get himself out of the situation fast enough.


Consequently, like most men – you are now like the horse being led around by a carrot.  Or in this case Erotic Tease and Denial – leading the man around by his cock.  Poor thing – he didn’t have a chance.  With all the dick teasing and flirting he was no longer thinking with the right head.  All he could think about was getting her home and fucking the shit out of her.  Ashley was driving him crazy. that’s what made the tease and denial even more intense for him. I could hear the total desperation in his voice.

Stewart thought this was gonna be an easy score!  How did he miss the signals?   He was so fucking hard for Ashley, his cock was already oozing pre-cum in his pants.  Stewart whimper  “My cock was so hard” I couldn’t help but giggle,  cause I know I’ve done that a few too many times. I know it’s wrong, but sometimes I couldn’t help myself.  It actually gets me so turned on.  I hope it doesn’t make me evil.

You need to understand with EROTIC TEASE AND DENIAL there are no limits.

Furthermore, I think as we were talking, Stewart’s dick grew an extra 2 inches just reminiscing about his evening of blue balls.   It was so easy getting him all worked up – teasing him with visions of my ass and pussy.  Explaining in detail how I would have treated him if I was Ashley.  I might have even him Worship My Ass, just to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile getting him all worked up only to deny him in the end.   Too Easy!!!  It didn’t take much convincing for me to get right into this fantasy. Needless to say – the call ended with me just hanging up the phone.  D- O – N – E!!

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