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Erotic stepson stories are now part of my story as a healthy woman of 42.  The standard story is a woman seduces the young man and teaches him a lesson or two.  And I’m not so different.   I’ll admit that in the past, I’ve acquired quite a few eager students in the last couple of years.  But that was something of the past since I met and married my husband.  We have a very open marriage, and at times we even swing when the mood strikes us.  We have a very active and exciting sex life.  Of course, I’d love to engage in erotic stepson stories and make them even better.

Having stepchildren is a new experience for me, and I desperately want to make a good impression.   My hot young stepson was only a voice on the phone until recently.   Peter decided to come for the weekend to meet his new stepmom.  Rick was away on business this week and wasn’t expected back until early tomorrow morning.  So it was my responsibility to entertain Peter, who was set to arrive at six this evening.  And if I’m lucky, this will be a hot fantasy sex story come true.  Erotic stepson stories bring pleasure that keeps giving long after.

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The doorbell rang at eleven in the morning, startling me as I sat in a warm tub, giving myself a gentle pussy massage.  Having the day to myself was a treat, so I took full advantage of it until this evening.  Deciding to ignore the bell, I continued to stroke myself as my breathing quickened.  I was at the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm when the bell rang again.  My heart jumped when I heard sharp knocking following the next buzz of the bell.

Wrapping myself in a robe, I made my way to the front door.  Peering through the keyhole, I saw a tall, very dark young man standing at the door.  As I opened the door, I allowed the tie on my robe to loosen, which left a strip of skin exposed from breast to pussy.  I smiled into the green eyes of a hot looking stud.  Dressed in clothes typical of the crew of landscapers that worked on the property, he smiled back at me.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I might have time for some afternoon fun before meeting my stepson this evening.  In fact, sometimes my husband and I get off on telling each other cheating sex stories.  My pussy was already getting wet thinking just thinking about telling him.  I pulled him into the foyer, as I stated, “I guess you’re here for the landscaper’s check.”  Before he could respond, I offered him a cool drink.  As we moved together towards the kitchen, I allowed my robe to open more as I accidentally rubbed his arm.  Although he looked surprised, he welcomed my attention.

Erotic Stepson Stories are the Best

I moved to pour him a glass of tea in the kitchen even as my robe fell completely open.  Turning to him with all my goods showing, I smiled as he reached for the glass.  His eyes were staring at my perky and erect nipples.  As he tilted the glass to take a sip, I let my robe fall off my very aroused body.

He moved forward and pushed me up against the counter as our lips met in a tangle of hot tongues.  His hard young cock was pushed up against my dripping wet cunt.  That made me cry aloud with a mixture of ecstasy and delight.  After a bump and grind, I pushed his jeans and boxers down, so I get to that hard cock.  Lifting my ass so that I could sit with my legs spread on the countertop, he drove his cock home into me. “Oh God, oh shit, Oh Christ,” arching my back and shouted out my pleasure over and over again before finally falling back limp against the countertop.  Panting loudly, my chest heaving, making my ample bosom wobble delightfully.

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Pulling his now soft cock out of my swollen cunt he pushed away from me; he smiled as I leaned back on the table on my elbows.  With a breathless voice, I asked, “Do you have a name?”   With a smile, he leaned forward again, pushing my legs far apart as he spread my outer lips apart with his talented fingers.  My heart started pounding out my chest as he said, “I’m Peter. Can I call you, mom?”.  My gasp filled the room as he smiled even deeper as he leaned down and drove his tongue deep into my still throbbing pussy.  My eyes rolled back into my head as I fell back onto the countertop, moaning in pure pleasure.   I couldn’t help thinking that I could get used to this Mommy thing…


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