Erotic Spanking – Mistress will make it hurt!

Erotic Spanking -I will make it hurt bad! My pathetic loser had a new game for us to play

My pathetic loser had a new game for us to play. It was a game of cards. Basically, whatever card I picked out, he would have to spank his big fat white ass whatever the value of the card. I also had the option to add a 0 on the number. I could choose whether he would use a feather duster, a spatula or a bathroom scrub brush to spank himself with.

Wanted to make him hurt so I usually would add the 0 on to the number, make him spank his ass cheeks hundreds of times- mostly with that prickly bathroom brush.

My loser would thank me for the honor. I watched him on Skype as he spanked his fat ass raw over and over again. The game was fascinating. We kept it up for over three hours, as his ass went from white to pink finally to red. I wouldn’t let up and I think he was loving it.

A week later, my loser still feels the sting. I am fascinated by guys who like to feel pain and humiliation during a call. It is fun to be the mean girl- it really turns me on having power over grown-ass men who want me to hurt them.

I have done a lot of nasty thing to my losers. I have had one lay in the tub and piss on himself and  made others stick things up their asses and run hot sauce on their cock and balls.

Do you like to be treated like crap with a young hot girl? Let’s get creative and let me make you hurt!

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