My friend Sheri and I were in Las Vegas recently, just a weekend for the girls.  Sheri had gotten really drunk the night before and wanted to stay in bed and recover.  Because I’m such a good friend, I stayed in bed with her.   I watched movies on cable for a few hours while she slept.  I started to get a bit hungry and bored.  I called for room service, ordering a couple of salads and diet sodas and hung up.

“Ew.  I can’t even think about food right now.”  Sheri mumbled as I got out of bed to use the bathroom.  

“You’re not still feeling sick are you?  It’s almost 4 pm.”  I called out from the toilet.

“No… I guess I’m feeling better.   I’m just too tired to eat.”  she said and pulled the covers over her naked body.

I came back to the bed and sat down, cross legged.  “Well, you need to eat something.  I want to shoot craps tonight and you’re my lucky charm.”  

She smiled.  “Awwww, am I really your lucky charm?”

“No, but I just want you to get your ass out of bed soon.  This is really boring and I could have done this at home.  We’re in VEGAS!  Let’s go have some fun!”  I pulled the covers off of her and started to tickle her.  “Get UP!  Get UP, you lazy cunt!”  I said as she laughed and struggled.   


I pinned her down and started to kiss her neck and her beautiful, perfect tits. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, holding my head as my mouth traveled slowly down the length of her body.  I stopped as my face was right over her pussy and looked up and smiled at her.  “Do you want me to lick you?” I whispered.

“Fuck yeah.”  she raised her hips to push her pussy closer to my face.  “Lick it, bitch.”  

I bent my head and rubbed my lips against her soft cunt lips.  I flicked my tongue gently against her clit and then we both jumped and yelped as we heard a knock on the door.

“Who the fuck is that?” she said.

I laughed and walked over to the door, wearing only my panties and bra.  “It’s room service.”  I opened the door and sure enough, our salads had arrived.  The young man delivering the salads was a tall black kid, probably only about 18 years old.  He didn’t act surprised nor did he look away when he saw me in my underwear.  He smiled and nodded and then said, “That’s a fine ass body, miss.”  

“Wait until you see my friend.”  I said, taking the tray from him and stepping back into the room.  He followed and stood in front of the bed, hands on his hips, staring at Sheri’s naked body.  I set the tray down and walked over to him.  I put my hand on his shoulder and looked up at him.

“I was just about to start eating that pussy.  Care to join me?”  I invited.

He got right on his knees and pulled her legs toward him.  He dove right in, moving his fat tongue around her beautiful pussy lips.  I slid my finger into her tight, wet hole and fingered her as he continued to devour her.  When he paused for a second, I put my own mouth on her and pushed my tongue against her clit.  We tag teamed her for about thirty minutes, each of us enjoying the sweetness of her juices and finally slurping up her creamy cum together.

Now that’s what I call personal service!  We’re definitely going to visit that hotel again soon!

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