A Hot Erotic Role Play To Explore

I’m always on the market for a new erotic role play and not because I don’t like being the naughty babysitter or a daddy’s girl but because I love keeping things interesting. Yes, I love showing off my innocence and I love exploring my wild side but sometimes it feels good to step outside my comfort zone and do something different. After a long night of gathering my thoughts I have a new fantasy the client and the call girl. We meet up at some hotel we fuck and you pay me and we go our separate ways until next time. Then again why stop there it doesn’t have to be just about sex. You want to cater to me and I want to cater to you. Think of me as your mistress and the money is just to take care of me like any sugar daddy would do.

I love having a man take care of me and spoil me. Shopping is my addiction and I love my man to supply me with the money to shop. If you’re looking for a girl to take care of Kelsey needs some care. I always return the favor and I’ll make sure your completely satisfied. After we enjoy a little company together we’ll head back to our room to explore each other head to toe. Do you want it sensual where there is lots of kissing, touching and skin to skin contact? Lips kissing down your body and then my mouth sliding down on your cock. My blow jobs will get you hard so fast. Maybe you want dominant and rough with hair pulling biting and spanking either way I have no limits. If you like dominant girls just be warned I give a mean tease.

The possibilities are endless with this erotic role play. Your wife will never find out and even though your fucking me you can still crawl into bed with her at night. We’ll start off as the client and the call girl but we’ll end up having one hot steamy affair. Your nights of masturbating alone are over now you have the perfect partner to play with. Are you ready to take things to the next level?

Kinky Kelsey