Dear Diary: Giving My Naughty Neighbor An Erotic Massage

This morning I gave my adulteress neighbor, an erotic massage. At first it wasn’t sexual really,just a simple massage. He originally came over to get help with his aching back, but one thing led to another. As I said, it started out as an innocent, friendly neighbor massage that quickly turned sexual. In the middle of it, I had become thirsty and leaded forward to get my up of sweet tea off the coffee table. In doing so, I accidentally rubbed my tits on the back of his head and on his cheek.

I hadn’t realized it at the time, until I went to put my cup back. When I did I looked down and saw his raging hard on. His cock was fully erect and throbbing through his swimming trunks. You know, I don’t why they make men’s swimming trunks so thin anyway. I might not have noticed had he been wearing anything else. I knew that he knew I had seen it and he didn’t know what to say. That’s when I casually said, “Oh don’t worry darlin! It’s not like I’ve never seen an erection before.” In that moment, he turned quickly to face me and said, “It’s not that Mrs. Hanna, it’s that your breasts were just all over my head and face. You should know that it’s downright sinful to tease a man in such ways!”

Well gosh, I hadn’t thought about it anything like that before. I tried to apologize for teasing him, but he wasn’t having any part of it. He said, “Hanna, it’s more than that. I didn’t just feel it for a moment. I felt your nipple graze me and let’s just say it wasn’t soft.” Slightly embarrassed by this point, I just tried to resume the massage, but again he wasn’t having no part in that.

Again he repeated the fact that a woman should NEVER tease a man like that, even on accident. That’s when he told me that women are servants of the Lord and of men. He was genuinely upset by this whole thing and I desperately tried to make it right. I didn’t want to be a sinner any more than I already was and at that point, I was willing to do what it took to right my wrong.

With that being said, I grabbed him by his shoulders, turned him around and said, “Darlin, I don’t want you to leave this house upset in the slightest. I am your hostess and I am here to do what I can to fix this.” He looked me square in my eyes, pushed me back on the couch and said, “If you truly want to repent Hanna, then you will place my penis in your mouth and relieve me of the stress you’ve caused.” I paused for a moment and eagerly went about repenting to him. I sucked that fuck stick so good, he about blew his wad right then.

He stopped me right before he came on my mouth and told me that he needed to taste the juices of such an obedient woman. Taste me he did! Holy shit his tongue felt so good. It was so eager and willing, I couldn’t get enough of it. I could feel the lust build up in me and I just KNEW I had to release it, before it got any worse. That’s when I made it crystal clear that I wanted to feel every single solitary inch of his heavenly rod deep within me. Let’s just say he didn’t disappoint. If you want those sinfully good details, then you will have to call. I will tell you and MUCH more! You never know what can happen from a simple massage. It can go from an innocent massage, to an erotic massage with one accidental gesture.