Erotic longing returns.  It never goes away. It’s like a black hole in the center of my being. No matter how busy I am, it ‘s always there, gnawing at me; needling me, driving me crazy with its insistence. It’s my own damn fault for letting it go so long. Maybe that’s the price you pay for a perfect attraction like I have with my lady fair. We get along so well it’s almost like we were made for each other, and after every weekend binge watching our latest series or reading our latest books, it feels like we were made for each other by a just and benevolent God.

Maybe that’s why I behaved so out of character when she finally came home. I had missed her for so long, and so deeply; I didn’t even give her a chance to drop her suitcase. As soon as I heard her Converses squeak on the floor I grabbed her by the neck; pushed her down to the floor. Then, taking my cock out of my pants I pushed my little limp dick against her face and it immediately started getting longer, thicker and harder. As I smacked her in the face with my rapidly growing dick.

While grabbing her by the hair, I grabbed her under her ass cheeks and IMPALED her on my cock. Furthermore, slamming her up and down, every thrust was therapy for the time gone by. Her clothes strewn across the floor, I walked her to our bedroom and slid her down onto the bed. Putting her ankles on my shoulders, grabbing her by the hips, I fucked her hard and deep; reveling in the way her breasts moved around her chest in response to my thrusts.

Needing more of me?


I NEED You 2!