Erotic Literature: The Goddess of Your Dreams Part I

Erotic Literature: I want you to think about me right now, laying on my couch with the soft blankets wrapped around my hard body.

My thick cock quivers in my hand as I sit here dreaming of you and what we will do together.

You come walking through the door and see me half asleep, my cock firmly pressed against the fleece fabric. You trace over my with your soft and seductive eyes and stop to admire the swollen organ that awaits you. I call your name and motion you to come over to me.

I watch with delight as you leave your heels on. You decided to wear a power suit today, the tan satin tailored to your body, the high slit in the back of the skirt showing off your legs and stockings. You know I have a stocking fetish.

The jacket gives way to a paper thin white blouse that shows off your firm and supple breasts. Your hair is down and sprayed with perfume, slight and soft curls dancing as you walk. My Aphrodite has come for me again.

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You smile and lean down for a long deep kiss. Your tongue finds mine as we part our lips. You hold your soft hair over your ear, as I trace my fingers along your jaw. My body begins to shake in anticipation. You giggle and bite my lip teasingly as you tell me to watch.

You step back from be with lust and fire in your eyes. My cock begins to throb and grow harder…. it becomes perfectly painful as it fills to its thickness. My body is under your spell. You know this… you love the power you have over me as I lay helpless before you.

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