Erotic Literature: Porn for the Imaginative mind!

I’ve always been an avid reader, so my dive into erotic literature shouldn’t really shock. Well anyone, really. It started off when I was a young teen, reading the adorable little teen novels. I traveled to Sweet Valley and to Stoneybrook before casting my eyes elsewhere. Somewhere that a chaste kiss wasn’t considered the height of sex.

It didn’t take me long at all to land on another genre; Historical Romance. You know the ones I mean. The bodice rippers that you see in every grocery store and gift shop. Her heaving bosoms and his turgid manhood kept me spellbound for quite awhile. The scenes were guaranteed and I remember rubbing my tiny teen pussy while reading those flowery descriptions of the sex act. But even though they excited me and managed to do the trick on getting me off, once I actually started having sex, the vanilla sex just sort of fell flat.  I found a few more racy ones that actually used raunchier words like “fuck” and “cock”. Those are still my favorite when I want some romance with my sex.

Then Came Erotic Literature!

I found the erotica by accident. And I mean accident lol. I walked in on my best friend on the couch, laptop open, with her hands in her panties. I looked at the screen and expected to see porn. But it wasn’t. It was just words.  After I helped her get off (did you expect anything else?) I asked her what she was reading and she showed me. I spent days scouring the net for erotic literature. On every single fetish, I had ever even thought of. I came so much during that week that I felt completely wrung dry!

I don’t gorge  myself like that anymore. But I do love to settle down with some erotica and play in between my wet lips. Something else I like, reading it with someone else. MMM seeing what gets them hot in the story really turns me on! You want to try it? Call my phone sex kingdom number and we can have some dirty story time of our own!  And make sure you ask me about how to get a little extra phone sex for free.