This erotic literature piece was sent in as a collaboration project from my client E.

He sent me the first half, and I was to write the second half as a work of erotic literature. 🙂

My mouth adhered to his cock like a band-aid not wanting to let go of its wound. Although either available orifice was more than ready for his cock, the one that was occupied wasn’t so much as close to being done with it yet.

As much as I wanted my fingers to find their way down to my oversaturated clitoris, I was all too aware that any stimulation of it would result in the shuddering, quivering orgasm that I knew I deserved, but the arrival of which I wanted to delay for as long as possible. The only negative, if one would refer to it as such, is that his cock was so big that I could engulf only slightly more than half of it.

As fortunate as I considered myself to have the opportunity to suck that which was amongst the biggest dicks I’d ever seen, I couldn’t help but think what it would be like to see him suck himself, as I assumed that he was capable of doing so. But my priority at the moment was sucking as much cum into the back of my awaiting throat as possible, then masturbating myself to the pulsating squirting orgasm I’d more than earned, prior to my attempt to persuade him to self-fellate.

Erotic Literature Finish

I pulled off for a moment, ready to give the suggestion one more try. “Are you sure you can’t suck your own cock?” I put his cock back in my mouth, my hands on either side of my hips so I wouldn’t touch myself. I’d made a promise to him not to cum myself before I’d swallowed all of his cum, and touching my wet pussy wasn’t going to fix that for anyone.

He gave a grunt in response, but I saw his shoulders hunch down. Inwardly, I smiled to myself. I couldn’t smile while my mouth was stretched around his cock, but I didn’t have to wait. His hands pulled me off of him as he bent over further, his lips opening.

In encouragement, I licked his shaft, never taking it into my mouth. He bent over even further, able to lick the tip of his dick. His hips jerked further into his open mouth, and I continued mouthing his cock as encouragement. I slipped in a couple of words, too. “You can do it. Just a little farther.”

Body bent over, he managed to slip his cock into his mouth. His lips wrapped around the head and his mouth hollowed. He’d done it. He’d managed to suck his own cock, and his body only seemed to appreciate it by how much more he could bend over and how much deeper his cock fit into his mouth.

It didn’t take him long to cum after that, and like I promised, I swallowed every last drop. Then it was his turn to make due on his promise: making me cum.

6/14/2018: E sent me another ending to the blog. So here’s the end, updated. 🙂
His subsequent cumshot was generous enough to allow for even distribution between he and I, which left me ambivalent, for as much as my selfish mouth wanted his cum all to itself, seeing him swallow as much as I made my nipples and clit harder than they already were. At that point, I grabbed his hair and pressed his face against my clit, essentially demanding that he eat me out, as I knew that the cum remaining in his mouth and on his lips interacting with my pussy juices would send a stream of my ejaculate so far up into the air it would give our mouths time to join together to catch every last drop of it when (or if) it came down.
Once our adventure had concluded, we embraced and shared a myriad of kisses with our respective bodily fluids still inundating our lips, the snapshot of our intimacy coming into focus each time they touched.


Special thanks again to E for his contribution to this piece of erotic literature! Clients from phonesex kingdom are the best.

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