Erotic Literature Makes Me Wet…

Pervs! Recently I asked a photographer friend of mine how much of his work he considers erotic art. He said, “I don’t know…life is erotic”. It got me wondering about something. Erotic literature and art are available to adults all over the world, but how many of us actually pay attention? I think people who enjoy erotic literature and art are more sexually creative and better lovers. But so few people fit into that category. Everyone just wants to watch porn. 


Dirty novels, naughty drawings, sexy movies…what’s your favorite?


I love a nice graphic sex scene in a book. When the writer describes the encounter with so much detail that it almost seems impossible. Taboo sex is also a favorite of mine in erotic literature. I mean, the point is to expand one’s base of knowledge or point of view. Sadomasochistic themes, homoeroticism, illicit affairs, violence…I’ll take that all, thank you very much. The more creative and sexy the better. To me, it’s important to use the mind to stretch the boundaries of what’s stimulating.


I recently asked a fuck buddy if he enjoys erotic literature or art and he said he thinks it’s silly.


…Yet he watches porn all the time. You ever wonder why you call the professionals, pervs? Because we’re educated in sex. It’s what we do. Sex is our calling and that’s what makes it so exciting! But to be clear, I think everyone should be well read when it comes to sex. Erotic literature can make real-life sex mind-blowingly good.

What’s your favorite erotic literature?


I’d love for you to email me and tell me about it. I love it when a sex scene is so hot that I can’t read about it without touching myself. Do you like that too? Let’s have some brainy phone sex and talk about it. I’d love to learn something new. Who knows, maybe it’ll work its way into one of my blogs. You guys always know when I’m writing to you anyway.

Best Phone Sex!