Erotic literature for the discerning submissive.

Today’s Erotic Literature for the Discerning Submissive is brought to you by the delightful afternoon I spent with one of my long lost pets. I’ll refer to him here as “Biggest Loser”( or “BL” for short).

BL never fails to put on a fag-tastic Skype show for his Mistress. Not only does he come prepared with his own (very DIY, low budget) props/toys/punishment instruments, he brings the PERFECT attitude for a phonesex session.

Key virtues of my ideal submissive = eagerness, devotion, cum-plete and total submission to my EVERY whim, i.e. no questioning Mistress.

Sounds simple enough, but in fact these skills require practice. Only with painstaking (and often very literal pain taking) practice are they made TRULY perfect. Another thing that endears a devout sub to me is their innate (and humble) understanding that knowledge between a domme and sub is always an exchange, as is power and sex in general.

BL performs his role in our humiliation phone sex with prowess, treating it like the art it truly is. During our session, he taught me a new game today so fun (and SO fucked up) I just can’t resist sharing. Enjoy!


YOU’LL NEED: a deck of cards, dice, three spanking instruments (we used a feather duster, the long plastic adjustment stick from window blinds, and a toilet brush)

FIRST: Your submissive throws the dice. Whatever number appears is the number of cards he will draw. Your submissive will draw the cards corresponding to the number rolled with the die, then turn over the first card.

THEN: Once the number/value of the first card is revealed (numbered cards are read as is, royalty cards = 10, ace = 10, jacks = 6), Mistress decides what instrument will be used to implement spankings, whether both ass cheeks will be punished or just one of her choice.*

*Mistress ALSO has the option of adding a zero per her discretion to the number drawn.

NEXT: Continue per each card number/value revealed. Once the round of cards is over, your submissive may roll dice again to begin another round. Repeat until he can’t take it anymore.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke