Enjoy Some Erotic Literature, Written By The One & Only Mr. T

No one writes erotic literature, better than a person who is fully committed to the act of love-making. When your shift ends, I have a nice warm bath already for you, and an ice cold beer. As I help you get undressed and in the tub, I kiss your forehead and tell you I’ll be back. I come back with couple more cold beers, and I softly wash you up as we talk about our day. When a beer is gone, I help you out of the tub and into a nice warm towel. I dry you off spending extra attention to all your special spots.

As I lead you off to your bedroom, I lay you down with your head at the end so your hair hangs down and I brush your hair and kiss your neck and forehead. While you are getting nice and relaxed I roll you over and start giving you a message. Pour nice warm oil over your back, ass, and legs, and slowly rub each inch of your naked body. Then with your backside all oiled up I get out two small vibrators and massage my way down your neck, shoulders, back, ass. When I go over your ass I can smell the sweet scent from your honey pot and I lightly kiss your ass. I finish with the vibes down each leg.

Do You Want More?

As you roll over on your back, I take one of the vibes and put it between your nice bubble ass checks. The vibe makes your ass and pussy start to tingle, I crawl next to you and give you a deep wet kiss. After kissing you, I pour some warm oil over your beautiful large tits and your vivacious curves. I go back to kissing you as my hands roam your body rubbing in all the oil. I grab the other vibe and slowly work my way down your beautiful body, and I stop on your clit. With a vibe on your ass and clit, your body starts to shake, and our lips lock in a deep passionate kiss.

Erotic Literature Gets The Juices Flowing!

I slowly start kissing my way done your chest and stop and suck and nibble on the nice large tits. Slowly I kiss down your stomach, past your bellybutton and to your clit, where the vibe is still working away. As your moans getting louder and louder,
I take both vibes in my hands, run one around the rim of your sweet ass and the other stays on your swollen clit. Then, I take the first long lick of your pussy, then another and another, as you start to shake, and moan I starting making out with your sweet spot and kiss your pussy deep as you cum all over my mouth. Next, I lick up all of your sweet goodness as you catch your breath I put the vibes down.

After a few short seconds, I lay on top of you and kiss you deep and wet. You can feel my hard cock press against your body as you grind your hips. I whisper in your ear tell me how you want to get fucked. The words cum out of your mouth as fast as the question was asked, rail me with my ass up in the air. As you turn over to get your nice bubble butt up, I give it a few kisses before taking my cock balls deep in one fast hard thrust. I rail you hard and deep for 10 minutes before you cum all over my cock this time.

Do You Like This Type Of Erotic Literature?

As I roll over on my back, you waste no time jumping on my still rock hard cock. When it’s all the way in, you bend down and kiss me ever so sexy, with those nice lips and thick tongue. While grinding on my cock you set up and I start to play with those very large tits and get your nipples super hard, and you reach down to do the same to me, it’s like we are both thinking the same thing. I reach over in the nightstand and pull out a set of nipple clamps, and you smile and laugh and say, you better get another set out.

Now with clamps in both of our hands, we attach them to each other’s very hard nipples, then you tie the ends together. As another smile comes across your face, you state it’s my turn to pull the clamps off. I place my hands on your thick hips as we fuck like there’s no tomorrow. We both start making noises as we get louder and louder. I can feel ready to fill your sweet pussy as your tighten your walls around my cock. I see you reach for the clap chain, as we both know we going to cum soon. As my load starts to shoot inside I feel your body shake, and you rip off the nipple claps, as we both yell.

Now For The Romance

You collapse on my chest, we lay there in pain and pleasure. We start kissing ever so softly, as I enjoy your large tits and vivacious curves on top of me. We hold each other as we come down from a wonderful high. What says you? Do you have any erotic literature that you’d like to share? Send it my way and I’d love to share it. More adult sex stories cumming right up!

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