Erotic Latina Tease knows how to make you submit.

That’s right, get on your knees and submit to this Erotic Latina Tease. You know the only way to please me is to do exactly as I say. My favorite slaves are those who you will never guess can be so submissive. Therefore, I don’t want to dominate you if you willingly give in to me. The chase is the thrill for me. I’m sure you can understand why that’s better for a dominant princess.

The perfect challenge!

One that gets me so wet and ready to play. The Erotic Latina Tease has a plan to make you feel like you have lost all control. My short little outfits and sexy attire have you willing to lose control. That’s right, know that you will no longer have the ability to stop yourself from going down the rabbit hole.

Without a doubt, my favorite time is the first time I seduced my boss and made him a complete fool. It was his fault really for not giving any of the girls a raise. But after I was done with him, he had a change of heart. It was the hottest and most exciting ever!

Determination is key

At this point, I’m all for pushing the boundaries. I want to see how far I can go with my game. I want to seduce and control you, tell you all about my deep, dark, sexy secrets.

I’m at a late-night office party and my boss is so into watching me all night long. I take the initiative and ask if we could talk privately. Once we are alone, I begin to seduce him instantly. I tell him all about his apparent foot fetish. I let him know I’ve noticed how he watches the girls and me and how it is clear he wants to worship pretty feet. After being the Erotic Latina Tease I am, I decide to push the boundaries some more. I mention the Family Cum Slut porn in his phone history.

He Froze

He wonders how I knew about his browser history. Eventually, I let him know I can get into his files and was even recording him gravel at my feet. I tell him how badly I want to dominate him because he’s a man in power, and I like it much better when I make the boss so weak and make him my complete bitch. As an Erotic Latina Tease, I’m able to bring my boss to his most vulnerable place and make him kiss and suck my toes. I’m not too mean, I give him a nice foot job and let him eat his cream and suck my cum covered toes. Without missing a beat, the boss knew then I was the real person in charge. I love that I’m able to dominate and take over the mind of powerful men.

Fetish phone sex is quite addicting. Once you try it, you won’t want to go vanilla ever again.