Erotic Lactation: Milk From Titties Is Nectar Of The Gods

Erotic lactation is being turned on by feeding on titties, my dude. I mean, it’s hot and no one should ever feel embarrassed by it. I, myself love to suck on lactating nipples. Oh, and I have a friend that lactates and boy, do I love to have her come over for a fun time.

My friend’s name is Quinn and she has the most supple, ample, beautiful tits I have ever seen. And a fat ass also but we’re talking about them titties though. Big nipples that fill your mouth up. And she is ALWAYS lactating.

The first time that I had her come over was a lot of fun… I remember like it was yesterday. I texted Quinn to come over for a sleepover. Just a girls night of wine, talk, food, and music.

She shows up in the sexiest low-cut dress I have ever see. It’s black and shows off her gorgeous cleavage for all the world to see! She smiles and hugs me and hops a little bit, making her titties bounce with joy. I am completely mesmerized by her big breasts.

“Let us drink! Come on!”

We order pizza and giggle all night. By the time 11 rolls around we are completely shitfaced and laughing our asses off at everything and talking about everything. Quinn and I are lying on my bed just talking and we get to the subject of sex. She mentions that guys really only like her for her giant tits.

I roll over and tell her “You are beautiful and sweet and anyone would be lucky to have you! Your tits are just a big plus.” She smiles at me and says “You wanna check ’em out?” I shoot up and nod like a bobblehead.

Quinn pulls off the straps of her dress and lets them fall… showing off her perfect, round, huge knockers. I drop my jaw and say “Wow!” She giggles and takes my hand and places it on one.

I start to squeeze her tit and move to her nipple and she stops me. “Be careful. I have VERY sensitive nipples and don’t want you to be scared.” I tilt my head.

Quinn looks down.

She then takes her breast in her hand and starts to pinch her nipple. And as soon as she pinches a stream of white milk comes shooting out! I couldn’t stop watching with my mouth open. I move close her and place my mouth over her big, milky nipple and start to suckle.

Quinn moans as I start to suck the milk out of her big titty. I then take off her panties and start to play with her pussy. She tells me “This is why I could never breastfeed a child. I get too turned on!”

Smiling I bite very lightly on her nipple and flick and suck. She spreads her beautiful legs open and shows her gorgeous pussy off to me. I stick two fingers inside of her and finger her until she squirts all over my hand and bed. Of course, I am very proud of myself for that one!

Making a girl cum like that is hot.

She pushes me down and leans over me and milks her titties into my mouth like big udders. I squish them together as she stuffs me with three fingers in my pussy. Squirming a bit I know this will make me cum so hard. She pounds me so hard and makes me squirt on my bed too!

I giggle and she moves down and rubs her long nipple on my clit. And then squirts milk onto my little clit, making me shiver all over. She then sucks my clit and slurps up all of her milk from my pussy. I have no idea that milk can be so fucking naughty!

But, soon enough I cum just thinking about those big, milky titties of her and then, of course, make her cum by sucking and flicking her clit too. Quinn comes ver every now and again when I am feeling thirsty. And no, my boyfriend doesn’t mind one bit! I love playing with Quinn’s big ol’ titties.

Definitely one of my favorite BBW sex stories!

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