Guided masturbation or jerk off instructions aren’t just simple words. For the process to be successful, the person giving the instructions has to know what she is doing. Fuck, if it is that simple, you can tell yourself what to do. That makes me laugh out loud, literally! I am providing you expert Erotic Hypnosis JOI and it is outstanding.

We all masturbate. It is so much fun playing with ourselves and getting off. Then, some want the added fun of an additional player. You know who you are guys and gals. For you, having a sexy, erotic voice guiding you along in the process is important. That voice is making your climax all the better.

That is where I come in with Erotic Hypnosis JOI

Using my sultry voice and hypnosis skills, I am going to ease you into a state of relaxation. Once you are in that state, I am going to walk you through the best masturbation you will ever experience. Furthermore, after our first erotic hypnosis JOI session, I guarantee that you will be addicted to my voice and skills. You will crave me and our fun.

I love providing hot phone sex to sexy, horny men who call my phone sex hotline. Using all my skills to give you the very best time ever. Whether you are wanting erotic hypnosis JOI or some Sensual Domination Goddess time, I am giving you my all. I have the best gig on earth and I am so happy to spend my days and nights with you.



Erotic Jerk Off Instructions Makes My Pussy Wet!

Now, back to the erotic hypnosis JOI. Now that we have our session set up, I want you to find a nice place to relax. Pop that recliner back and grab your pecker for the fun. Listen to my voice as I walk you to the state of total relaxation and enjoyment. My sexy soothing voice is guiding you through to your perfect trance.

As we are doing this, you are aware of me and your cock. Therefore, feel your dick as it gets harder and harder in your hand. Enjoy the feeling of the head as it fully plumps up. That bulbous mushroom head with its sensitive areas. I want you to use your fingers and start rubbing the head. Softly slide your hand up and down, using circular motions as you do. You know that cock better than anyone.

Keep listening to my gentle voice as I guide you through the process.

Doesn’t it sound nice as I give you directions and guidance? It is important that you follow my directions, making the most of our session. If you are doing as I direct, your climax will be insane. I promise I know exactly what you need. That is why you come to me, I am an expert in orgasms. Therefore, you will do as you are told. Many can provide this service but not all are as good as me.

Now, let’s keep going so you shoot a huge load for me. Do you have limits that I should know about? For instance, if you want to cum like never before, you should learn to stimulate your prostate. The prostate gland, also known as the P-spot, is 3-4 inches from the beginning of the anal canal, and it’s about 1 inch across. From a pleasure perspective, the P-spot is a lot like the G-spot in women.

The Rimming Plug 2 and the Trio Plug are perfect toys for prostate play.

You can include anal stimulation or not, depending on the toy’s setting. I am telling you, you will not be disappointed if you take on prostate stimulation. The orgasms that come from prostate play tend to be bigger and more explosive. So go on, for starters, slide your finger in slowly as we move on with your erotic hypnosis JOI.

Rubbing your balls and milking them can also add to the fun. Take them in your hand and gently massage those balls. Be gentle as you find your sweet spots. Once you have, work those balls. Now, from here I am going to guide you to the climax. Get ready for the explosion.

Are you curious to know more? Or want to experience a huge climax yourself? Call me now to play!