Erotic Hypnosis JOI.

After treating patients with hypnotherapy for a few years, my curiosity about erotic hypnosis grew. I would read about it non-stop, but when would I have the opportunity to put it to use? One day I had a new patient, male, as many of them were. It took him a while to confess why he was there. When he finally did, he explained his sexless marriage and trouble becoming turned on by his wife. He refused to cheat and he always feared getting caught masturbating. I knew this could be my first shot at performing erotic hypnosis JOI. He was the perfect candidate for my new experiment.

Before he began his session I asked for a picture of his wife.

He knew it was part of the hypnotherapy so he didn’t mind. He laid down on the couch and closed his eyes. I clutched the picture while thinking of how I would help this man’s doomed marriage. “I’m going to count backward from ten. When I get to zero you will be in a deep sleep. My influence is everything you need to save this marriage. Listen closely.” I whispered. As I got to zero he was in a deep state of relaxation. I began to whisper my instructions, soon to implement my erotic hypnosis JOI.

“I want you to think about the first day you met your wife.”

“Imagine her beauty, her young skin, and how hard she made you. Erase all current images of her now, and remember those perky breasts and that bouncy chestnut hair.” I looked towards his jeans and saw that the erotic hypnosis JOI was in the works. He had some movement happening, and slowly but surely he began to become fully erect. “Take your hand and imagine it’s hers when you first met. Gently glide your fingertips down your chest towards your belly. Take your thumb and dip it down into your jeans. Slide your thumb under the waistband of your boxers and begin to rim them slowly back and forth.

The Erotic hypnosis JOI was starting to get me turned on!

I had to focus. I stood up and slowly stood over him on the couch. “When I count to three you will open your eyes and see the images you will associate with your wife forever.” As he opened his eyes he saw me standing above him, completely naked with my legs spread wide open. “Remember these images when you close your eyes.” He closed his eyes. I quietly dressed and continued my instructions. “Open your jeans and pull out your cock. Think of the images you have just seen and begin to slowly stroke, touching yourself with very little pressure. On the count of three, you will open your eyes for five seconds.”

As he opened his eyes, he saw the picture of his wife he gave me.

His eyes closed once again and I could see his cock throbbing and the pre-cum oozing.  The erotic hypnosis JOI was working well.  I laid a towel across his chest and continued my instructions. “Stroke faster and think of your wife.” And finally, as I was about to continue he…

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