My index finger poked at my cheek while I listened to my IPod Shuffle. I had my IPod docked in a speaker because quite often I bombarded my dungeon with all sorts of lights and sounds. The sounds of screams and moans comforted me the most as I recollected the past. How did one such as me get here? I bet my pet wants to know doesn’t he? I mean I should be the picture perfect house wife by now: incredible soccer mom who knows everyone’s phone number; goes to every PTA meeting; volunteers at the homeless shelter; who gardens in suburbia with a moderately successful husband who owns his own business or corporate level business man, right?


Now that’s not me at all.

I am a socialite of the lower upper class whom prays upon all levels of society. I have just enough dirt to blackmail people at all levels. I am the architect darling, yes, housewife….far from her. I am on the other side of that spectrum. I watch you while I tilt my head and just chuckles a bit at the notation. Maybe in another life, after I pay for my crimes. No darling, fairytales are for little girls. I am a woman an ambitious one.

How did I get started in kidnapping and torture? It’s easy: revenge.  I grew tired of jocks and rich kids picking on us the poor, the freaks, nerds and outcast. Why be a political vigilante stereotypical angst riddled teen when you can supplant the queen bee; high-class whore and be the one bathed in the richness of darkness. Yes, as the cliché saying goes: It’s always the quiet ones.

Ashley. Fun girl loves big black cock. Her boyfriend, Jeff, quarterback of the football team had no idea she was banging two of the freshmen wide receivers! Until the audio visual team who I paid to infiltrate a party and captured all of it on film! Both of them fell into my web of madness. Ashley, I pimped her out in the city. Jeff, oh, Jeff became my muscle. Ashley and Jeff both were taught well how to love the needle and both became addicted to heroin. Jeff ended up a checker at a grocery store and Ashley just plain old trailer park fat trash at the last high school reunion! Too bad each were voted most likely to succeed! Jeff had a scholarship he squandered (he kept coming up dirty on drug screens…hmmm) and Ashley… just liked whoring more!

Why this lifelong humiliation and torment? Well why not? I enjoy it and if they didn’t they would stop.

Care to hear more pet?

Mmm, not now darling…

My air freshener, Virgin Innocence, over there seems to be awake now. It’s time for more of her destruction before I alter her into Sexy Peach Puss.  Glade needs to bottle the smell of her! I’d buy stock in the company then!


Until next time, my greedy addict plaything.