Erotic Haunted House: Screaming, Fucking… Too Hot!

Erotic haunted house is something I never thought I would hear. And wow, let me tell you, is it something! This last weekend I went with Vegas wrestler and his friend up to Phoenix to find one of these haunted houses. And when we found it, we were so down to go in.

So, Vegas wrestler and his friend were down for a show they had in my town. I went to the show and hung out with them afterward. The next day when we all woke up (I stayed the night with them in their hotel room) we said “Let’s do something. And let’s do something REALLY fun!”

We thought and thought and wrestler’s friend said: “I heard of an erotic haunted house in Phoenix that I think we should totally check out.” I looked at the wrestler and raised an eyebrow. He also looked very intrigued. So, we all got dressed and looked up where we could find this haunted house.

We hop in their car and head up to Phoenix. After driving for 3 hours we finally make it there and start to search in Google and Apple Maps to see if we can locate this thing. We had to go on a wild scavenger hunt just to piece the directions together but finally… we got it.

Apparently, my best gay friend knows the directions and I just had to ask. He told us exactly where it was and who to talk to to get in. It was a regular looking building, just a but abandoned looking. Well, we got to the door and knocked and someone answered.

They looked at us up and down and said: “Come in.”

We look around and see Halloween decor all around and fake blood everywhere. Soon someone approaches us with a clipboard and pen. They explain to us that we are NOT allowed to tell anyone about who we had seen or anything. It was pretty crazy rules but we sign the paperwork and follow the guide, who was wearing a tight nurse costume covered in blood.

We enter a room with just black lights on the walls and put our phones and my purse down. They promise to watch our stuff and we go through a door. Inside there was nothing but pitch black but we kept walking. Within a few moments, we all get grabbed and groped.

I scream as someone shoves their hand up my skirt and snaps my thong. They run away, laughing and we continue on. The next room was almost as dark and we walk in slowly, seeing no one around. Then out of absolutely nowhere, 5 people jump down from the CEILING and scream at us and we scream back.

I get grabbed by two men who then start stripping me and one sucks on my nipples and the other fondles my ass and spanks me.

I try to stop it but they are so strong and I smile as one of them sticks their fingers up my pussy. Then I look over to my wrestler friend and his friend and they both are getting felt up by sexy girls that are mostly naked. Soon, I am picked up and my legs are spread.

The two men shove my pussy into the wrestler’s face and he starts to eat my pussy as he gets sucked off by one of the girls. I couldn’t help but cum fast because WOW, that was really something. We could hear the moans and groans of other people in the erotic haunted house as they got off. And it was so fucking hot.

One of the haunted house guys takes out his dick and then bends me over.

He shoves it up into my pussy and I moan loudly. I hear cheering from others in the erotic haunted house. Next, we all are getting fucked every which way and everyone seems to be having a great time. And that is when I get double penetrated! My dream had CUM true and sure enough… I came and squirted all over the floor of that room.

This was more fun than the bisexual orgy we had in Vegas!

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