Erotic Family Play-How My New Step Brother Turned a Boring Dinner Around with a

Big Wel-Cum to the Family

Erotic family play is sometimes the hottest and most taboo phone sex for me.   I guess it’s the total naughtiness of it but getting down and dirty with family really gets me off.  Meeting my stepbrother Peter for the first time, definitely left an impression and so much more.  When I was a teen, I was dreading going over to my father’s house to meet my newest stepmom’s kids.  I’d much rather be going out with friends on a Friday night.  Or so I thought.

Erotic Family Play is Just a Dial Away

Sitting at the table with my dad’s new family, waiting not so patiently for my new stepbrother, Peter, to arrive felt like a bit of torture already.  Listening to stepmom and stepsister talk about the latest fashions felt mind-numbing.  Hearing someone walk through the front door, I looked at the doorway with a disinterested look. I suddenly perked up.  Leaning down to kiss his mother, hello was the hottest human being I had ever encountered, male or female.  Staring into my eyes, he came around the table to sit right next to me.  Suddenly feeling shy and shaky, I couldn’t look into his eyes as he introduced himself.  Barely saying hello because my throat seemed to have closed, I could feel his heat sitting next to me.  I could feel my heart pounding in my chest at the prospect of erotic family play.

Leaning across me to get the bread, Peter’s arm rubbed against my nipple through my shirt.  My breath caught as he suddenly stopped moving.  Picking up the bread, Peter looked into my eyes as he slowly moved his arm across my nipple as he placed the basket in front of himself.  And then I was biting my lip as I clenched my thighs together at the flash of heated moisture that filled my aching pussy.

Are You Ready for Pleasure?

Peter turned away from me to answer a question his mother asked.  As he answered, I suddenly felt his large palm on my thigh.  And, then he was talking and joking with his mother while his hand moved up my thigh. Bowing my head, I looked down to see and feel his fingers urging my legs to open.  As wetness continued to fill my hole, I opened to his slowly moving palm.  The erotic family play never felt so good.  Feeling grateful that I wore a skirt as I felt two fingers slip past my wet panties to plunge into my pussy.  My breath became short and labored as I moaned with Peter’s finger play.

As he worked my clit I tried to appear interested in my food and the people around the table.  With sweat on my forehead and upper lip, Peter suddenly turned back towards me.  Staring at me with tingling eyes, he stroked my clit right up to the edge of release.   Pulling his hand away suddenly and without warning, felt like a betrayal at that moment.  Clenching my muscles in an attempt to bring myself to orgasm didn’t help much at all.

Cum for Chanel on Your Next Call

Excusing myself, I got up and barely closed the bathroom door before it was pushed open and slammed shut again by Peter himself.  Without saying anything, he grabbed me and turned me away from him as he pushed me down.  And, then I was bending over the vanity. I felt Peter’s hands push my skirt and panties down.  Breathing quickly, I moaned as I felt his hard cock sliding into my soaking wet cunt. As he pounded his cock hard into my aching hole, all I could think was I couldn’t believe this was happening.    Bringing us both to a mind-blowing orgasm, his hand covered my mouth to muffle my scream of pleasure even as we could hear laughter coming from the dining room.

As I walked back to the dining room, I couldn’t help smiling.  Maybe next time we could, Peter and I could do it right in front of everyone.  After all, I really love adding to my public sex stories.