Hot Erotic Denial Story

Erotic denial is just another name for sensual tease and denial. I like rough too but sometimes just sensual touching can be the most haunting. I’m sure my new neighbor wouldn’t mind me sharing our erotic denial story. If only he had known all those times he watched me threw the window My curtains are always open what can I say I love being watched. Every time I got out of the shower I’d towel try myself but when I entered my bedroom I would drop my towel and stand there naked. He had no idea that it was a set up but out of the corner of my eye I caught him watching and masturbating.

The idea of someone touching themselves while looking at my tits, ass and pussy turns me on. I guess that saying we all want what we can’t have is true because there is no way I’m giving myself to him. The day the game changed for him he was helping me move boxes out of my house. My shorts were incredibly short and every time I leaned down to pick up a box you could clearly look down my shirt. I caught him peeping a few times. He had excused himself to use my bathroom but he was in there way to long I knew he was jerking off. When I opened the door on him I caught him with his dick in his hand the poor fuck was so hard too.

He tried to put it away but I forced to him to leave it out. I slide off my shorts and straddled him wearing on my panties and shirt. When I asked what he wanted he lost his words. The best part is he’s a virgin boy that lives with mommy and daddy. I didn’t want to pop his cherry or at least not yet I just wanted to fuck with him. The way he begged for me to put his dick inside me was pathetic but at the same time flattering. I couldn’t give him what he wanted but I did teach him how to give oral. His tongue slid from my pussy to my asshole moving my panties to side licking back and fourth.

erotic denial

For a young guy he didn’t do a bad job at ass worship but all he got in return was dry humping. That then layer of cotton was the only thing keeping his dick out of me. I nibbled on his ear and worked my lips down his chest then I licked the tip of his cock. As I licked up and down his shaft I could feel him squirm. Every time he got close to cumming I stopped. After teasing him with my hands, feet and the dry humping I stopped all together. I denied him an orgasm even though it upset him. Have you had your a cock tease today? Cum to Kelsey for some erotic denial.

Kinky Kelsey