I’ve been going out with this guy on a very sporadic basis for the last few months. Usually we just see each other when one of us wants to get laid. All I ever got from him was vanilla sex; he was too shy or nervous to do any of my ideas. I don’t think any of his previous girlfriends were as open minded as I am. Anyways, I was getting bored of him so I decided to give him one last chance.

We were at his place, naked and making out in his bed. I told him to tell me one dirty little fantasy he had so I could make it a reality. He blushed and said he didn’t have any. Liar. I pushed him onto his back and reached down. I slowly stroked him and told him that everyone has fantasies. I wanted to know what his were otherwise I’d leave. He mumbled a bit then blurted out that he liked feet. I couldn’t believe this embarrassed him; lots of men like feet. I asked what he liked to do with them and he said that he’d always wanted to have a footjob. When he was a teenager he gave his girlfriend a foot massage and he loved how soft but firm her feet felt. Since then he had always wondered what it would feel like to have a pair of feet wrapped around his dick, toes pressing into him as they worked him. I looked down at my recently pedicured toes and told him to sit up against the headboard.

He did as he was told and I sat between his legs. I ran my feet over his thighs and rested them on either side of his dick. He was breathing heavier now and he couldn’t take his eyes off me. I put my feet over his dick and wiggled my toes along the length. His cock twitched and I wrapped my feet tightly around him. I jerked him up and down slowly as I watched pre-cum leaking out of his slit. I moved faster and he started moaning. I kneaded his shaft and put more pressure near the sensitive head. He groaned and cum shot out of him. I kept pumping his cock as cum splattered on my feet.

When he was done I took my feet away and asked if I had lived up to his fantasy. He nodded breathlessly. Smiling at him, I brought my cum soaked toes to my mouth and licked them slowly, sitting up, I kissed him, pressing my tongue into his mouth. Instantly, I felt him tremble…

I have a feeling, he’s into more than just “feet”

We shall see.




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