Erotic blackmail fun can be so exciting!

One minute you’re freaking out. The next, it becomes hotter than you would expect. Erotic blackmail fun can really turn up the heat. It is not a crime to ponder and let yourself be tempted for what you crave. I, for sure, love to show off and don’t really pay much attention when my stepdad gets a show and a full view of me. Sometimes I tend to wear little to nothing around the house. My mom travels a lot for work, leaving the both of us with plenty of solo time. I notice that my stepdad is quite the deep sleeper, so I make fun happen when he’s out like a light.

I sneak boys in all the time!

It is much better to sneak in a guy when someone is home. The risk of getting caught excites me quite a lot. My wet little cunt gets even wetter than usual. I take the opportunity to let this guy come over and let him fuck my brains out. I’m not as innocent as I look. Once I get that cock in all three of my holes, I’m one happy camper. It is beyond hot to feel a cock thrust inside me as I attempt to contain myself from moaning too loud. My resistance makes it much better than not. I know if I get caught, I’m toast, so once I get what I want from my fun fuck buddy, I send him away.

I’m not the only one up late at night.

Once I say bye to my friend, I hear some noises. I try to be cautious, but in mere seconds I realize it’s quite impossible. My stepdad is sitting beside my bed. I’m still naked with nothing on and try my best to cover up. I spazz out a bit and begin to ask him what he’s doing in my room so late. Of course, I deflect and tell him he should knock and not disturb me while I’m sleeping and begin to tell him how inappropriate it is for him to be there.

Deep down, I know what’s about to happen, erotic blackmail fun. As I glare at him, hoping he’ll give me my alone time so that I can clean up, he stays. I know I  have to explain, but I can’t focus with the cum dripping down my thighs.

Stepdaddy isn’t going anywhere.

He’s there to stay till I come clean about my nighttime activities. I begin to tell him I know all about his porn habits and him texting other girls while my mom is away and looking at GFE Erotic Seductress porn. Luckily, that gets him off my back, but not for long. The next day he barges into my room and tells me to apologize to him for trying to mindfuck him. My stepdad shows me the security footage, and at that moment, I realize he wasn’t going to let me be. I give in to his plan, erotic blackmail fun, and let him fuck me.

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