Erotic Blackmail Seduction has my name all over!

I’m all for some hot erotic blackmail seduction, and you can do with me whatever you please. Indeed, I am so in tune with who I am, naturally. So when a situation occurs where I am not in control, it can be quite mind-boggling. I have my fair share of fun encounters that still leave me quite mind-fucked. It’s hard to say no sometimes, and you find yourself stuck in such a good situation you can’t put an end to what occurs. I have plenty of stories that will keep you on your toes if you love a bit of blackmail.

The game of blackmail

Usually, no one really wants to be in a predicament where they have to be a pawn in someone else’s game and do exactly as they say. Next, I got super drunk one night and ended up drunk texting my cousin’s boyfriend. Honestly, I can barely recollect all that went down, but I know the next morning, a huge wave of regret came down on me. Besides, if you have ever gotten a hold of messages you sent while intoxicated, your world begins to spin.

I’m the type that forgets every detail when I have had a few drinks.  Its true erotic blackmail seduction is real. I have to admit that the messages I sent my cousin’s boyfriend were so cringy because I was flirting so hard. But then the very last message was full proof that a lot more resulted from a night out. All in all, it’s crystal clear we had both had some fun, all at my expense. It starts casual, but then it gets pretty gnarly once I realize a mistake makes me his pawn forever. He is so happy he has something to hold over me.

The blame game

Once he tells me all that went down, I am quite mortified. It’s time to face the music because he doesn’t want it to end. I’m his fuck slut and will be his little whore. He begins to let me know that I will do what he says. Also, whenever he can sneak me in, I will have to agree every once in a while. It is his erotic blackmail seduction that has me willing to submit to his every command. In all honesty, before I know it, I am all his. There’s no way I can blame him when I was the one craving his cock from the start.

A man who knows how to win at erotic blackmail seduction

He knows how to make me his obedient slut. I’m a sucker for erotic sensual domination and he gets me to be able to be available whenever he damn well pleases. If he calls, I’m ready for him and on my knees. I am always willing to take his cock. I sure do love to suck on it all night long. Whatever he wants, I will do. After erotic blackmail seduction, you will forever be a slave slut for a dominant man.

I’m usually dominant but phone sex can make me a switch!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke