sara erotic art 1 framed

My Semester is winding down and I have to get my art portfolio together! My painting teacher assigned us a project to paint what we love, and to be as simple and honest as we can. Erotic Art popped into my hed. He suggested showing an activity or object that we enjoy. I went home and I started to paint what I love. I love cock, I love feeling a cock against my pussy lips and I love to fuck! As I painted this cock and pussy from memory, I started to feel hot and horny. I stopped my work and I closed my eyes, running the paint brush down my chest, over my tights and up my belly. I wet the brush with water and pulled down my panties. I painted my pussy lips with the wet brush getting so turned on, I had to pull out my vibrator. I came hard and felt the waves of orgasmic spasms. God, I am so easily distracted with sex! So do you think I should include my erotic art in my final portfolio or should it just be our dirty little secret?

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sara on bed with vib cropped

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