I really do love pampering myself.

I don’t have a date tonight, but I still spent ALL day primping and making myself extra gorgeous! Everyone, no matter WHO they are, deserves to put themselves first once in a while, and enjoy a little self-pleasure! First, I took a nice long EXTRA steamy bath. After I soaked in my tub of skin-softening bath oil for a while, I slowly lathered up first one leg, then the other, and shaved them baby-smooth, all the way to the tops. Then, on to that soft little pussy of mine – no fuzz on THIS peach! 😉

NOW, I’m stretched out in my bed, freshly bathed, freshly shaved, lotioned, perfumed; shiny blonde hair curled into big, soft, sexy ringlets; wearing nothing but a very naughty smile! I can already feel that satiny smooth pussy starting to tingle as the air from my ceiling fan hits it – my puffy little nipples getting hard as well! I really wish YOU were here with me right now to circle your tongue around them one, then the other! But since I’m alone, I guess I will just have to tease, pinch, and tug on them all by myself! It’s really a shame that I’m going to be finger fucking that soft, tender little pussy and moaning softly with no one around to witness it!

You could always call me and listen! I’d love to hear you stroke that hard dick and get off as you listen to me fuck myself just for YOU! Like I said – a little bit of self-pleasure never hurt ANYONE… right?

I’ll be waiting right here in my bed for you! 


Your slutty partner in crimes of masturbation,
Zoey xoxo


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