Do you have an enema fetish?

This week, I received my very first call from an enema fetish client. I learned QUITE a bit from him. Previously, “enema” was a much more abstract concept to me. I knew the definition, I’d seen the end of Sybil, but I’d never watched one in real-time before. And I’d certainly never seduced someone into giving themselves one for me over Skype.

Being the no limits dominatrix I am, scat play calls tickle my taboo phone sex fantasy-leaning fancy. Enema fetishes, in my mapping of the endless universe of sexual play, overlap nicely with “medical kink” paraphilias. Our scene is a kind of theatre, and I’m playing your inimitably gorgeous in-home health aide. It’s time for our first appointment. Are you excited to meet me? Did you take your laxatives as the doctor advised you? Your performance anxiety is tingling and so are your full insides.

Don’t worry, when I’m through with you you’ll be squeaky clean.

Exposing your asshole and cleaning your colon, totally cleansing every bit of waste right in front of me is an awfully intimate act. It takes a special submissive exhibitionist to be enema fetish-curious, let alone prefer my administering one to cum. Your cock twitches when I tell you to strip while I inspect your newly prescribed enema attachment. I have to make sure it’s securely fasted to the showerhead, of course. As your new nurse, I want to correctly adhere to protocol always — especially during your first procedure.

You hear the slap of my latex glove echo against the bathroom tiles. “Ready?” I call this question with the coquettish coyness a “regular” (ha) date might ask if you’re ready to go some dinner and a movie-type date night. How boring that “normal” life must be. Perish the thought. I prefer our secret life together here in our enema fetish phone sex world. Our life is going to be like one long fetish porn. Are you ready?

Catering to enema fetish callers may be “too much” for some phone sex operators, but not for me.

I like to joke that my motto is “I dare you to try and shock me.” Well, I won’t say I was shocked when I first watched an enema onscreen — I knew what it was, I knew the definition — but I was taken aback. What a degree of vulnerability it takes to open yourself to someone like that. And who better to open yourself to like that than your Mistress?

I’ve long been a fan of scat play as your mean Mistress, using you as my human toilet. Forcing you to empty your bowels is a whole other S & M ball game. Enema play is not for the casual submissive. It requires planning ahead and setting up the scene. And ideally, a showerhead made for home enemas.

I can sensually encourage you if that’s what you like. Some service subs prefer sensual domination. Of course, my real forte is being a humiliatrix. This is my real favorite. But I can pretend. Klismaphilia seems to lend itself to erotic humiliation if you ask me. I’d love to play the sadistically scrupulous doctor helping you get through your first “outpatient” treatment. And you do need my help. Don’t you?

As your nurse, your doctor, your caretaker — we’ll find out together exactly what kind of care you require. And then I will eagerly help you administer your treatment.

What are you waiting for? Certainly not a golden invitation, I hope. But enema fetish play is a kind of higher tier fetish play, so being choosy in your Mistress collaborator makes sense. My new caller was sweet and polite enough to call and ask me before our first call if I was okay with catering to his niche interest. I’d like to make it even more clear for any enema enthusiast submissives that might still be lurking in their respective closets: I would love nothing more than to watch, help and generally participate in you giving yourself an erotic enema. Yes, please.

I really have no taboos and no limits. Do you? Let’s find out together. Call me, I’m right here now waiting for your “intake session“!