My vision quest for the perfect sexual encounter continues. Will I find it some day? I really don’t know. Does anyone ever really know what they truly want from sex? It’s like picking a restaurant and ordering from a menu. Picking and choosing the perfect combination to be satisfied. Who wants the same boring sex day after day? Do you? Hell no – that’s why you come and play with me. Phone sex is always a great way to explore all your kinky taboo fetish or fantasy needs. Savor the flavor for more. My taste in men change like I change my panties. My craving to be satisfied, sends me on a personal vision quest all the time.

On this one particular evening, I was looking to satisfy a peculiar need. I found myself lurking in the stacks, at the public library. My intense sexual drive set me on mission to find the perfect stranger. Someone I didn’t want to know. Not his name or anything about him. It didn’t take long to find the one. Alone and unsuspecting of my devious intentions, he didn’t have a chance. He was what I needed to satisfy my binge. We walked through the library parking lot, not uttering a single word. We found a secluded place behind the building. Once alone, he didn’t hesitate to back me against the wall and start kissing me. He took my breath away, as a surge took over my body.

It was an unexpected sensation, for the first time in a long time. I laced my fingers in his hair, as I enjoyed the soft thickness of his body against mine. His hands caressed my shoulders, while we kissed and I curled my arms around his waist, inviting him closer. Moaning softly, as he pitched his body against mine. Shivering his hands ran down the side of my body and under my shirt. He palmed my belly in gentle strokes and glided his fingers up to my bra. As he thumbed my nipples I tilted my head back, letting him shower my neck with sensuous kisses.

I wanted his cock against my lips. Sliding down the length of his body. I unzipped his pants and released his already hard cock. I slipped him deep into my mouth, as my hands fondled his balls. Throbbing with excitement – I knew his cock couldn’t wait to enter my body. He pulled me up and pressed his hard cock against my body. I arched up my hips, wanting him deep inside me. The man gazed into my eyes. His hands wandering, as his big fingers fumbled with my skirt, dragging the fabric up, revealing my creamy thighs. When he crept his hands higher, his fingertips trailed over my hips and I nestled my face into his chest, smelling him against the backdrop of musk and the whisper of the evening air.

I curved my hands over his ass, gripping his muscular cheeks. Nudging him against me. He slipped his fingers beneath the edge of my silky lace panties and across my puffy little clit. I moaned and lifted my face up to his. “Yes,” I moaned, as his fingers slipped deep inside my wet awaiting snatch. I wanted him deep inside me. I didn’t want to hold back. His kiss took me – so intense. His tongue swirling around, as his fingers plunged deeper into my tight wet hole. I needed him deep inside me. The rhythm of his thrusts stirred me. I whimpered against his lips and quivered against his body. I whispered into his ear “fuck me – take me. I need you in me.” He glided his fingers faster, as if seeking inside me with probing fingers while he pressed his cock hard against my side. I couldn’t hold back. I wrapped my hand around his hard throbbing cock. He didn’t hold back any longer. My body trembled, as the man – the stranger plunged his cock deep, in and out, teasing my depths. I couldn’t hold back. The selfish part of me wanted more. I wanted every inch of his cock. Without hesitation – he took over my body and fucked me. Fucked me so hard, that words couldn’t describe the sensation, as he pegged me against the library wall. His body meeting my sexual desire. I began to shudder with each thrust deep into my pussy. My cunt trembled around his cock. The man smothered me in a kiss then, exploded deep inside my fuck tunnel. The hot liquid coated my inner pussy and slowly dripped down my creamy thighs.

For several minutes, we didn’t move. We were frozen against the building, shadows in the moonlight and stranger in the night. His shaft pulsated with the aftershocks of my pussy muscles, as I squeezed every drop of cum from his cock. Eventually, I raised my eyes. The man kissed my forehead, then my lips, and we slowly untangled ourselves and broke apart.

Without a word, we walked back to the front of the library. By this time my breathing had resumed a moderate pace again. The same pace, as earlier this evening, when I began my vision quest. But now, I had a smile on my face. When they reached the sidewalk, we kissed and went our separate ways. What’s your KINK for the day? What’s your Fantasy? Do you need that little push to the edge – the perfect tease. Doesn’t NEED to be extreme – I cater to all your taboo pleasures. Do you just need to release with a perfect stranger?  Let me fulfill your vision quest for the BEST sexual experience.  Actually let’s do it together — Up for a little mind explosive phone sex combined with mutual masturbation.  I’d love to play with my toys with you. Now that I have your attention – give into your weakness and call me!!!

Once you have masturbation phone sex with me – masturbating alone will NEVER be the same!! Let’s get our own personal adventure started.  No limits – No restrictions – Anything goes uncensored phone sex that will be totally mind explosive and leave you breathless!! Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination!

Kiss Kiss


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