End of summer fuck has to be one of the best things of the year.

It happens when you know the summer is ending so you take a much-needed trip to the lake for a hot end of summer fuck. I had been looking for the trip for a month before it happened. I daydreamed of spending the entire week by the cold water of the lake and basking in the hot summer sun that would soon be gone. Sometimes Minnesota weather is perfect, especially at the end of the summer. The trip was perfect and of course, I had picked all the right outfits out for every day of the week.

The first outfit that I picked was a black sheer bra and panties set. The panties were see-through except for two thick black stripes on the sides. The bra wasn’t see-through except for cups that matched the panties. They had thick straps that just gave a peek of my pink puffy nipples. The look on his face was full of surprise. I came out into the lake house wearing the lingerie. Usually, I’m the type of girl who just prefers to go fast, and getting out of lingerie usually just gets in the way. This week was going to be full of trying new things.

His eyes quickly moved from admiring the beautiful view of the moonlit lake that the house sat on to admiring my body.

His eyes slowly looked me up and down. The black see-through netting really stood out against my tan skin. I took my time walking up to him. He made it almost too easy by sitting on the chair. I was able to come up and gently tease him while lowering my body right onto his lap. As soon as I made enough contact to grind on him, I stood up again. I need this night to be a long one complete with edging. This end of summer fuck was going to be a great one. Well, one of many throughout the week.

My favorite thing about this guy is that he knows what makes me tick in the very best of ways. He pulls me back down onto his lap after I teased him for a long ten minutes, at least. He starts moving me around his lap, with his hands running up and down my hips and thighs. I lean all the way back onto his chest until my hair was soaking in the moonlight from the giant bay window. I quickly turned into his desperate fuck whore.

My self-control is pretty good, but after the long day of traveling, I knew I wanted him to stick his extra large dick right inside my wet-ass pussy.

The thought of edging went out the window the second I started to unzip his pants and his cock sprung out like a jack in the box. It made my pussy drip the second I could fill his hardness against me. We had fucked so many times before, but the summer heat and the primal outdoors really turned me on. He ripped off my panties like you would tear paper and moved his cock against my pussy.

I started bouncing on his cock.

Riding on his cock was so hot, and he lifted me up and started slamming me against the wall.

I would have bruises all along my back that would be there until school starts. I didn’t care about that at all. The only thoughts in my mind were filled with the pleasure of having his cock pushed so deep inside that he started to bottom out inside of me. Every single inch of his huge cock was pushed up inside of me, making me cum so hard. The wave of the O was a long one, and I rode it over and over. He kept drilling me. This was the perfect end of summer fuck.

It felt like hours before he finally gushed a huge creamy load inside of me, all completely bareback which is really the only way to get fucked. The end of the summer fuck had left my pussy filled up with cum, but luckily I knew that I still had seven more outfits to go through, and I wanted them all tore off into little pieces of fabric during this end of summer fuck session.


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