Ever Try Emerging Alien Impregnation Sex? Let Me Tell You.

Ever try emerging alien impregnation sex? Ha! Boy do I have a story for you! Well, I had a very strange dream last night, where I was fucking, but it was out of this world and it certainly not “normal”. I was lying all alone in bed and fast asleep, when I felt myself startle awake. I felt cold and wondered where my blanket had gone, as I looked around me. Then I realized I wasn’t in my safe, warm bed but instead was lying on a cold, steel table and the room was dark, with small pinpricks of light here and there.

I tried to push myself up on my elbows but found that I couldn’t; my arms were strapped down and all I could do was wiggle the lower half of my body, which wasn’t fully restrained. I had no idea what the fuck was going on and I yelled out, hoping someone would be able tell me what was happening and help me.

After what felt like ages, a man came into the room and I couldn’t help but stare at him, as there was something not quite right about him. He was very tall, at least 6’5″ and had soft, very blonde hair that was borderline white. His eyes were crystal blue and his overall look was one of someone not quite human. I asked him who he was and told him to let me go, but he just told me to be quiet, he told me to lay in silence. I asked what he wanted and he said that he had taken me, because he wanted to impregnate me. He wanted to impregnate me?

“What the fuck?”, I thought to myself!

I told him to fuck off, there were lots of other girls that would be willing to sleep with him and to let him knock them up, but he told me that I was one of the prettiest humans he’d ever seen and wanted only me. Humans? Yeah that was weird!

Then he told me that where he came from the girls didn’t look like me; they were short and ugly with small little tits that would never satisfy a male like him. He said that beings from all over his planet would come to see the beautiful baby I’d give him and that I would be doing him a great service, but to be honest I scared shitless! I know it’s messed up, but I also felt flattered by that idea and kind of hoped I’d get pregnant. He moved down and stood by my feet. Warm hands touched me and I felt a calmness flow through me.

I felt my body relax and got a floaty feeling in my stomach. My legs were held apart and I felt something slide along my outer pussy lips. I shivered at the touch and he told me to keep still, because I was going to like this. I tried to shut my legs at first, but found that I couldn’t. He said that he wasn’t done with me yet and I felt something push past my lips and go VERY deep inside me.

I couldn’t see what it was clearly, but it was thick and very pointy at the tip.

It felt like the biggest dick I’d ever had in me and it was very slippery. My pussy stretched around it as it went in deeper and I moaned, hoping that this feeling wouldn’t end. “Is that good?”, I’ve learned that female humans want big units like mine.”, he said. I told him it was more than good, but suddenly stopped talking as it began to move back and forth, rubbing along my pussy walls, harder and faster this time! I felt he was going to fuck his way right through my little pussy. It went at a steady pace and I could feel my pussy begin to contract around his cock, as I got closer and closer to my climax.

I couldn’t even for a moment, imagine what his was going to feel like or even be like. The constant pumping in my pussy felt so good that I just laid there with my eyes close, enjoying every single minute of this alien dick inside of me. I heard a humming noise and then his thing inside me sped up and he began to slam his big, hard sticky unit inside of me. At this point, he was drilling me. It went so fast that I couldn’t breathe, as my pussy throbbed and tightened around it. Tingles shot through my body and my hips arched up as my body spasmed, I was having the best orgasm of my life. The intensity was unlike anything I’ve ever felt!

I began to moan and scream, it would appear that my alien loved it just as much!

I don’t know what else happened, I must have blacked out, because I woke up in my bed and I looked in the mirror this morning and I swear my stomach looked a bit rounder than it did last night when I went to bed. Emerging Alien Impregnation. Oh and my pussy it was drenched in………….

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