Embarrassing sex stories, like I said we all have them. If you don’t, you haven’t explored enough!

Embarrassing sex stories all start off kinda the same way “See what had happened was…” Mine, well even looking back I blush and yes cringe at the fateful night.

I wasn’t in any sort of relationship and basically fucked whenever the desire struck, which was often. My pussy got fucked nice and hard that morning. It was like sex therapy for me. I had no time to shower, so I pulled my panties on, my pussy still full of cum.

After spending the entire day at work I was getting ready to head home when my crush Jason asked me out for drinks that night.  Excited, I agree on the spot. 5 drinks later we were back at my place making out like two teenagers.

Jason slipped his fingers into my panties and fingered my wet hole. “Mmm someone’s excited for me.” He whispered. This is where my embarrassing sex story begins.

My pussy was still full of my morning fucks cum. Before I could excuse myself to go clean up, Jason pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. He moaned his pleasure in my taste. However, my face burned with embarrassment at the knowledge he had just at some other man’s cum out of me.

I swear I tried to excuse myself. Jason thought I was trying to reposition myself closer. Pushing me back down onto my sofa, he stilled my protests with a deep kiss. Yep, I could taste my fuck buddy’s cum on his lips. Jason pulled my panties off and rammed his tongue deep inside of me.

I really liked this guy, but all I could see was thick white cum on his face while he licked my pussy with expert skills. Honestly, I couldn’t even cum. The guilt, oh the fucking guilt. Faking my way through the next 15 minutes of sex was hard.

After I hooked up with Jason I didn’t really hear from him. In fact, He had already been on a few other dates with girls from work. I ended up asking why he had been avoiding me. Jason smiled and said he only wanted to fuck.

“Oh yeah? Just so you know I wasn’t wet because you turned me on.  Haha, You were eating some other guy’s cum!” If you’re into cuckold phone sex, you won’t find my story embarrassing but hot! Give me a call and let’s play. Read another surprise creampie story!


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