When it comes to erotic¬†embarrassing sex stories, I have my fair share of them. However, there are a few that stick out in my mind a little further. For example, there is little baby “Blue”. That widdle guy loves to get into all kinds of humiliation phone sex trouble with me. However, the other night he knew that he had done a little more, and gotten himself into a big bundle of trouble with his amazing Nanny Mallory. Although, I think he likes it whenever he finds himself in that kind of trouble.

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I knocked on his door and entered his home as I always did. Slowly I began to undo his fake man clothes exposing his nakedness to me. He was supposed to have been a good boy, locked in chastity as a time out for some bad behavior from our previous session. However, as he stood there in front of me exposed, there was no cage secured around his little dingy. Worried, he looked at me begging me to be gentle with him. Although there was little I could do to hide it, I tried to pretend as though it was no big deal to me.

Diapered Up And Ready For An Outing.

We traveled out a way to a place I knew I could embarrass him to no end. His little dingy was pathetic and there was no reason for him to be touching himself. So to the strip club, we went. His wallet even lent a hand paying for a private lap dance. The stripped laughed and pointed at him, snickering the whole time she danced. She even invited her friends to come in and laugh at him as well since he was so pathetic. Then, as we all played together we tainted him, forcing him to take care of himself this time. Inside of his diaper.

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