Embarrassing Sex Stories are always the best when they involve a super naughty Daddy Daughter Duo!

Embarrassing sex stories that involve Daddy have always been my favorite. Especially ones that I can share with you that actually happened!! Daddy loves to sneak into my room late at night and do super naughty things to me!!
So, One night… Daddy told me I could sleep in his bed with him but that I was going to be treated like a big girl! I’ve always wanted to be treated like a big girl, to be extra special to Daddy and have him love me so much more!

Daddy treated me like a Big girl and it was totally amazing feeling him do all the super naughty Big girl things to me! The way he made me feel and scream, it was so amazing! Daddy made it hurt, but feel so good at the same time! I will never ever forget it!

That wasn’t even the best part though! Daddy fucked me over and over again all night long, he let me go to sleep just long enough that I wouldn’t be falling asleep the next day at school!

Little Did I know Daddy had some other phone sex plans…

When I woke up the next day, Daddy decided that it was time for me to go to school… He totally stopped me when I went to get in the shower!! Daddy wouldn’t let me take a shower and all of his cummies from the night before were dripping out of my hot young teen phone sex pussy!

Daddy told me I had to leave them in all Day at school! And I couldn’t let them leak out or everyone would know what a naughty little slut I had been!

So, I got dressed in my cute little uniform and made my way to the car, totally filled and practically dripping!


I loved going through the whole day with Daddy’s naughty juices inside of me!!

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